[RP Episode][CANON] Chasing Ghosts


As the Keelish ship vanished, Aelius cursed. This would not look good at all in his report home. The cohort returned their quarters, and Aelius began making preparations in case the Keelish should return. He had a feeling they weren’t done yet…
The legionaries were hard at work over the next few weeks, solidly entrenching themselves and their heavy weapons into the city. Aelius was determined not to be humiliated by a foe he could not match. And so the Valkorians waited, biding their time till the cruiser returned.


When the Keelish returned to Meridian, she was to have a debriefing in the magisterium. Qeerel’s eyes staring in to her very soul as she alone stood to answer for what happened in Kaveh, with all the magisters present.

‘‘What did you learn?’’ he asked.
’‘Kaveh was indeed abandoned. The entire city stripped bare of anything not nailed to the ground, but there is knowledge to be found there. The Kavehans were an advanced society, technologically and culturally beyond what we have seen in other human societies. There is potential there we could make use of.’’ she explained.
’‘Such as?’’ asked Qeerel with interest.
’‘They wenth through a brief and very quick period of industrialisation, remnants of which can be traced and studied, maybe even found, to further our own knowledge. They also used a, to us, yet unknown magical element that launched them in to this new era of advances.’’
’‘Have you found any?’’, he asked, expecting a sample, but to his disappointment, the answer was ‘‘No…’’

Qeerel thought on that for a moment.

‘‘There were Valkorans there…’’ added Rhoa.
Qeerel raised eyebrows, '‘There were? … What of them?’
’‘They have secured a foothold in the capital city. A fort was erected at the riverbank, and… we ran in to some trouble.’’ she explained, finding it ever more difficult to breathe.
Qeerel leaned forward, ‘‘What happened down there?..’’ he asked, calmly.

After Rhoa had given the magisterium her full report, they intensely debated amongst themselves for a good half hour while Rhoa just stood there awkwardly. Eventually, they came to a conclusion.

‘‘The Valkorans have managed to salvage some of Kavehan knowledge, you said? Fully automatic rapid fire… this weapon, this is an advantage we cannot let them keep. A second expedition will set off as soon as possible.’’ plotted Qeerel.
’‘You aim to attack the Valkorans!?’’ gasped Rhoa.
’‘Not directly, do not worry.’’ he reassured her, ‘‘We will bring hired help, mercenaries. Those who fight under no banner.’’
’‘If we send Ronin to attack after what had just happened, they would know it was us, without a doubt. They aren’t that dumb.’’ explained Rhoa.
’‘If we sent Keelish ronin, yes. But if we send a Danheim raiding party? If they haven’t attacked Roklavia for harbouring independent pirates who plagued their seas, they wont trouble Danheim with much else that an angry letter either.’’

Rhoa stood there silently.

‘‘Dismissed, Rhoa. Get some rest. I will send Kesh to Danheim to get us the manpower we need. The money we offer and the chance to keep any loot they find will be more than enough to convince them, im sure.’’

The session concluded, and Kesh set out on an airship the next morning.



Morning was dawning in Danheim, another cold morning fresh snow had landed on the streets, the local drunks were released from the drunk tanks, inn’s and taverns started to wake up. Night patrols were switch out with a new crew. However the king made his way to the tree, Yggdrasil as he would do often mostly in the morning less traffic he was going there with his escort as per the norm. The nation were awaking for another day, Thanks to the airships it didnt take long for Kesh to arrive at the walls of Danheim, the wall patrols watching over the city would signal the airship giving them a clear to dock, whenever the Kleriel came around it always caused a buzz mostly due of the way they travel and their goods. At the docking station a small patrol awaited the Kleriel


The airship manoeuvred itself in alignment with the dock and lowered itself for landing. As the boarding walkway dropped, Kesh along with two Stalwarts were already waiting. Erupting in to a hasteful march as soon as it was secure. Upon reaching the Danheim patrol that came to wait for them, they came to an abrupt stop.

Kesh looked at them for but a moment with a displeased expression, and before the Danheimers could draw breath to say anything…
’‘Yes, yes. Hello, Odin smile upon you and well being to you and your kin, and what not. Lets skip the pleasantries and get to the part where you take me to the king and my guards have to wait outside, good?’'
Then a mere second of silence as the guards gawked.
’‘Good.’’ he concluded with determination and marched straight past them with intent in his walk and with his bodyguards in tow.

^ Kesh


Kesh were taken into the hall, but there were no king to see
"Well sens the king did not know about you lot coming, his not home but we will send word, so take a seat warm up a bit" the patrol man said as he ran out of the hall.
It didn’t take long to relay the message from the hall of the king all the way to the tree and the temple where the king was in the middle of his prayer. the guards man told the king about a Kleriel that had popped up and seemed to be in a hurry, the king sigh at the message and got up and started to walk out of the temple.
Him and his escort started the walk back to the hall about an hour had passed before the king walked into his hall
" I don’t like to be interrupted in my prayer, so speak Kleriel, what is it that seems to worry you that much for you to show up out of the blue" Wesley said when he walked in and took a seat across of Kesh


Kesh leaned forward.

‘‘We need men, we need a lot of them, and we need them to hit the Valkorans.’’


“So you need my men, to fight whom? and why? clearly, something has happened and if i would agree what do i get out of this. I mean i would supply manpower and gear, we might be sells swords but we’re not cheap hoodlems you find at every corner or inn’s” Wesley said to Kesh, looking abit surprised over the request " Of Course we would want to help our allies and friends but just saying yes might not be the best idea" he added


'‘Our target is Kaveh. The old folk of the dessert have vanished, and they didn’t leave much behind, taking prettymuch everything that wasn’t nailed to the ground. What they did misplace however, is now in the hands of the Valkorans. I don’t know where they found them, or made them, maybe found a forgotten stash or blueprint, to possibly finding machinery used in forging this thing, but they have it. I understand moving an entire civilisation is a lot to go over, but the Kavehans would have done better if they left something else behind than this…’'
He held for a moment as he tried to find a term for the weapon.
’‘Machine-gun. And THAT is what you will be getting as payment. It would be impossible for us to get all of them, or to push the Valkorans out of the city, but we could manage and get a few samples of the thing for ourselves. But for a high price… our first expedition reports that its fire rate is very high.’'
After another moment of silence where Wesley was still taking in everything that he had just been told.
’‘We cannot allow a potential threat to have this advantage for itself.’’ he added.


" So what your saying is some jackass stole some sort of power full weapon of these kaveh, and ain’t in the mood to share?, now that’s interesting a rapid firing rifle. I’m willing to supply men and gear as long i get my hands on one of them so i figure out how to make my own. This holds an advancement which would be most likely prove to rather useful." He said to Kesh " Now tell me of these Valkoran’s any information so my men would know whats coming their way and whatever you know the city so we can form a battle plan and i figure you dont need to win just have enough time to take whatever we came for" he added in, before leaning back in chair, waving for a round of mead


Pulling out his herbal stick, he lit it, and made a puff of pleasant smoke smelling of dried herbs.
’‘The capital city lies on a rather wide river, it is old, abandoned, but not as corroded as one might expect. The Kavehan’s departure was not so long ago. The Valkorans have erected a fort on one of the banks of the river, and as far as we can tell, they have a dock there for supplies to be shipped in. They are well fortified, they have superior weapons, and we spotted some artillery within the fort as well. We estimate… 400 to 500 men in the garrison. They have also cleared a 500m area around the fort for a clear line of sight from the battlements. That’s going to be a killing zone for their machine guns.’’


Wesley took a sip of his head, " then we smoke them out, they can’t hit what they can’t see we will haul a few canons loaded with smoke screens with us, and by having my Valkyries taking roof tops we can provide ranged support, while the rest does whatever they need to do. It should lower the mount of people getting killed and if you’re bringing that fancy airship we can cover the zone before they knew what happened. What weapons do the troops carry? beside the machine guns" he said looking at Kesh


‘‘They are Valkoran. Are you saying you never encountered them during one of your raids? Or are they too strong for you to tackle alone and you rather avoided them…’’ teased Kesh.
’‘They use swords and bullet based projectile weapons, just like you. All though what kinds i do not know, since we Keelish aren’t paying attention to that type of weaponry. And i assume you know what artillery means? Big guns. Bad for you.’’


“None is stronger then us in battle we are blessed by the gods, but its true i dont know much about them and well if they got big guns means they need time to prime them so, we smoke the fields and shot from below and the top. You will have the men you need, however i will need alittle time to gear up and round up the men. You’re welcome to tag along and suggest items to bring along the way” he said laughing abit


'‘You should figure out something better to wear other than your heavy and clumsy armour. A hale of bullets puncture through that like it were nothing, and they won’t wait for you to move your arses out of the way.’'
He said as he stood up.
’‘We will need a bit to prepare as well. We will definitely be ready before you are, so drop by when you are able. Farewell.’'
And with a bow to Wesley, he left.


The cruiser had returned, left, and returned again. After dropping off additional supplies, the cruiser vanished once again, slipping away down the coast line. Aelius thanked the captain, discussed battle plans in case the Keelish returned, and then proceeded to dig in even further, digging traps and mines on certain approaches to the walls. The sentries were doubled, and the machine gun nests received greater protection from shrapnel, and better firing arcs. The heavier weapons were mounted on a low mound inside, from where they could drop shells with pin point accuracy on any attacker.
Then, after a week of backbreaking work, with all that could be done concluded, Aelius sat back, and took a well deserved nap.


It took approximately two weeks for the Keelish to return to Kleriel. Another week to gather the magisters for a session, and a day to decide on what to do. Kesh was sent the next day to Danheim and was back within a week’s time. As Danheimer raids are usually prepared over winter, sometimes over a few seasons, they outdid themselves and got together the necessary equipment and manpower in no less that three weeks time. They sailed to Kleriel in large warships, norse versions of ‘ship of the line’, in a bit over 2 weeks.

After the rendezvous and a good few days of planning the assault, they would set off together.
As the Keelish airships would company the Danheim fleet around the continent on the ocean rather than fly over it, it would take them a long 9 weeks.

A total of 18 weeks have passed since the Keelish were seen at Kaveh. For somewhere near 4 months the Valkorans sat in those ruins, with nothing but the wind, sand, and heat of the day and the chill of the night to keep them company, waiting and dug-in due to a hunch.


After it became apparent that the Keelish were not returning immiediately, Aelius has slightly relaxed thehigh alert of his men, but still, the the cruiser would show up every month, with word of a terrible struggle raging at home. The isolated Valkorians were almost glad to be in Kaveh, and had exercised their signature love of gardening on the place in gratitude, planting what few flowers they could manage to coax from the burning sand and hot dirt.
The cruiser hung around for long periods of time, as Gaius wanted it as far from home as possible. He had few such warships, and wanted to keep them from falling into Lucius’ hands.
Then one day, the cruiser, anchored farther out at sea, spotted the wisp of sail, heading slowly towards Kaveh. Sending word to Aelius at once, the captain of the armored vessel quickly got up steam, and vanished, using the coastline as cover to get out of sight, disappearing from sight by sea or air.
Over time, as the wind picked up and shifted, the sail turned into many sails, and revealed itself to the watching Valkorians, hunkered in their defenses, as a small fleet of Danheim ships.The cohort instantly went on high alert, readying their weapons, from swords to heavier, more deadly weapons. Valkorians has no fear of the fierce Vikings who swept in the north, but had a healthy respect for their unyielding assault techniques, and hellishly stupid berserker tactics, who refused to die like other men. However, the advantage of size and strength, discipline and training, years of experience, and some heavy artillery, gave Aelius some hope that perhaps he didn’t need to die, outnumbered by a barbaric army. The Danheimers were still a ways out, when evening fell, but the Valkorian cohort was ready and waiting for them, ready to dish out a healthy dose of pain.
Valkoria does not love the north.


the Danheim fleet didn’t take much notice to the cruiser but instead started to head to the nearest coast, showing no signs of wanting to battle


The 7 Keelish airships, which weren’t flying Kleriel colours, nor were they the top of their line to give them the impression of being owned or hijacked by mercenaries if seen, inconspicuously dropped off a few of their mages with the Danheimers before picking up, and making the impression they were leaving.

They circled around the city at a rather far distance to avoid being seen, where they would drop another strike team in the desert.


As the Danheimers headed directly towards Kaveh, the cohort went into battle formations. As everything was all prepared, this just consisted of putting on their armor, and checking to make sure their melee weapons were in good order. Then, they waited, the legionaries standing silently in their ranks, while the men assigned to the guns peered through their sights, waiting. The Keelish airships worried Aelius, as without the cruiser he had little to no anti air defenses, but there was little he could do about that.