[RP Episode] A meet of figureheads


It has been a while, but Ara finally managed to get the conclave to agree and admit of the Grimguard’s assistance when dealing with the Crimson Raiders, and in turn deciding to reward such actions in service to the imperium.

Ara knew this would be the case, as any fool would see worth in someone vanquishing a foe, and having already drafted a letter, he sat down to finish it and sent it away along with the prepared payments. The Grimguard served the imperium well, but they are too young and unwise to forge any pacts with, as they are a danger to even themselves. This is why the imperium does not admit of the Grimguards independence, and knowing their close relations with the NR, the letter along with the payments were sent to them instead to hand it over to the Grimguard, or do whatever they please with it.

Unknowing of the falling out the Grimguard and the NR had recently, the keelish manage to deliver their cargo to the NR sometime later. There was tension in the air, and the keelish felt more of it than just your usual mistrust of foreigners from the native northerners, so they came up to the first settlement in their way to the capital, and simply gestured the local guards to take in the cargo and handed them the writ letter before departing mysteriously without a word.

The letter reads:

To Muzwall Frostwither, King of Wyvernsdale and the Northern Realm.

As due payment for the decimation of the majority of the Crimson Raiders in Duskwind by your Grimguard compatriots, the imperium hath delivered to you a base of two wagon loads of gold bars. Knowing gold carries high value in human lands, we believe you will find the delivered amount satisfactory for your provided service.

In addition, we also bring to you compensation for your fallen men. These bags of gold nuggets are to be delivered to the grieving families of the men that gave their lives for the cause. Their sacrifice means a lot to the mireesh natives of the region as well, who have contributed to the compensation with jewelry, traditional candles, and ceremonial herbs.

As the commander leading the army had simply left your fallen men to rot on the spot, we also gave them a respectful cremation and have brought to you their ashes. The individual jars are nameless, we could not determine anyone’s name or where they were from, however.

We thank you for a job well done, and hope next time we meet your men, it would be less confrontational.

I remain,

Ara’Gottix vas Zha’til, Lord Protector of Kleriel


Most unusual.” he moved the glass flask slightly to the left. “Certainly quite peculiar!” he exclaimed. There was no doubt about it. Someone had drank his wine! He was unused to disappearing beverages, yet this was the second flask lately. In circumstances like these, the evaporation of alcohol was never welcome! He took up the flask, shifting it carefully in his hand. There was almost something green about the black bottle. He sniffed it. “Vanilla? How the…

Oh, it was delicious!
Gerrey looked up, then exhaled in relief. “My dear thief, do you look familiar!” he said.
I’m sure you’re mixing me up with someone!” Gabe said friendly, “nevertheless, never leave a bottle of cherry wine so lonely again, or it’ll join bottles one and two before you know it”. He had reached Gerrey by now, who stood up and greeted him.
It’s good to see you, mate!
Mutually, milord,” Gabe said with overdone seriousness, “I have been looking all over the place! You sent for me?
Yes…” Gerrey began, then he thought of something, “wait how did you steal the first bottle?
I came by with a few carriages to drop off crops last week, you were in Wyvernsdale then I believe.
I was,” Gerrey said, slightly dryly, “but I forgot the gift!
I sure didn’t!” Gabe grinned. “You sent for me?” he asked again.

Oh, yes, indeed!” Gerrey said shaking himself together slightly. “No good news I’m afraid!” Gabe raised an eyebrow. “Muzwall is dead!” he shouted, before managing to control himself. The bearded man next to him froze.
"The king? Dead? But how…?"
Gerrey leaned against his sturdy wooden desk, grasping it hard and shutting his eyes. “Shocklord,” he said. Something seemed to dawn in Gabe’s eyes.
He was here?” he exclaimed, leaning against a pillar to support him, “in the North?
No,” Gerrey moaned, “that’s the worst part!” He looked up, into Gabe’s bright blue eyes, and began the tale. “Last week, on the council meeting, we came to an agreement. Sir Shocklord’s actions in Ebongrasp were determined to have been treason. Lying to the foreign leaders, he lead to risen tensions, tensions which can devour the Northern Realm if they are left unattended!” Gabe was now looking at him with a piercing look, but made no sound, so Gerrey continued, "it was then decided that he had to go! We all signed the bloody parchment, and the king himself told us he’d send someone to hire a team of assassins from Mon."
Now Gabe spoke up, “but how did Muzwall end up getting killed amidst all this?
I’m getting there!” Gerrey said sadly. “He went with team to the Winterkeep to finish him, the bloody idiot! And somehow Shocklord must’ve surprised them!
Any survivors?” Gabe asked cautiously.
None,” Gerrey replied and sighed heavily, “and the traitor still lives!

After a short moment of utter scilence, Gabe spoke up once again. “With all due respect,” he said slowly, “that does sound rather foolish!
You’re telling me?
So who rules the Northern Realm now?
Lord Crowport of Rosewater,” Gerrey said, "the kings will stated him as Lord Regent, should Muzwall be unreachable. That is actually why you’re here!"
Gabe straightened up. “What?

The two were suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door.
Come in!” Gerrey shouted, and a short, bold man with a long silver beard and golden eyes entered. “Excuse me, my Lords!” he said. “Lord Cito has sent me to tell you that two covered wagons arrived from some creatures calling themselves Keela at his doorstep just now!” He looked out the window, spotting the light from the setting sun “sorry, about an hour ago!
"Was it a Keelish perhaps? Gerrey said, honestly surprised.
Might have been,” the man said, “anyway, they gave us a letter, addressed to King Muzwall, so Lord Cito wanted me to hand it to you, since you might know what to do with it!

He handed a light brown parchment roll to the lord, who took it into his hands. “Where are these Keelish now?” he asked, “are they being treated properly?
They aren’t treated at all, milord!” the man said, “they left into the night without a word! As soon as the delivery was handed over. The carriages are stored under the keep until we know where they’re headed!
Thank you,” Gerrey said, “send my warmest thanks to Lord Cito when you see him!” The man bowed and left the room, shutting the door, slightly too violently.

Gerrey untied it, and unrolled the letter. After reading it out loud, with a rising level of astonishment in his voice, he finally lowered it, threw it onto his desk, and got to work. He placed a piece of paper on the wooden surface and began scribbling on it frantically, then took it up, re-read it, and rolled it together. Then he took the parchment with the Keelish letter, turned it over, and wrote this message:

To Davos Crowport, Lord of Rosewater and Ruler of the Northern Realm

Dear Davos,

On the back of this you’ll find the letter I received from Kleriel today. The gold is safe for now, the nuggets will be distributed to the families of those who’ve lost sons to the Grimguard, as intended, however the gold bars are tougher. We need to meet to talk this over!

May you find the path,


He then rolled it up as well, then turned to Gabe, who’d been watching him from his pillar, and said, “your task can wait, take this to Ian, it’ll explain everything to him! I want you to help him distribute the gold nuggets. Keep the gold bars safe, and send a parrot when you’re done!
Where are you going?” he asked Gerrey.
I must stay here,” he answered, "I want to be here when Davos’ reply arrives! There’s much to be done, and even more to watch out for!"
Gabe sighed slightly, but nodded, took the paper roll, and headed out of the room.

Gerrey lingered for a minute, just blankly staring out of his window, as the last glimpse of the sun disappeared behind the mountain. Then he too exited the room, climbing the stairs towards on of the towers. Reaching the top, he pulled open a heavy wooden door, only to be bombarded by the screeching of dozens of birds of every color imaginable.

“Hi there boys!” he called out to them, “I got a job for one of you!” He looked around, picked up a larger, red bird with a small, black beak, then tied the parchment to its leg. Taking down a small container, labelled “Citadel” from the wall, he shook it over the bird, and a small amount of blue dust fell down upon it. Almost at once, it took off with a mighty flap of its wings and was gone. Gerrey was left with the box in his hand, staring out into the ever-darkening sky.


Davos was at the Citadel trying to make sense of King Muzwalls old scrolls, Muzwall was a good leader but didn’t organize his scrolls very well giving Davos a large headache trying to sort through his mess. when suddenly a parrot landed on a nearby window crying out “Letter! Letter!” Davos snatched the letter from the bird and read it. After reading it Davos thought to himself ruler of the Northern Realm? Never in my life I’d even imagine I’d end up with such a title, this is going to take some time to getting used to.
Davos picked up a spare paper lying around and began to write a reply

To lord Gerrey Kodí lord of Avirock.

Dear Gerrey,

Come to the Citadel as soon as you can I feel this is a topic that should be resolved quickly and cleanly. I await you here, it shall be good to see an old friend.

Best regards,
King Davos.

Davos gave the bird the letter, fed him a piece of an apple and sent him on his way. David then returned to sorting through his once kings scrolls trying to pick up where he left off.


The first sun rays to appear above the Spine’s tops were usually a rather unwelcome sight to those who soughed a long and peaceful sleep. Not for Gerrey however, at least not today. About an hour earlier, the bird he’d sent off to Davos had returned, its screeched waking him up way before sunrise. Having read it over and over in the light of a candle, he’d watched as the horizon turned first dark blue, then red, and now a sprawling sun was visible on the horizon. The sunrise was the last thing he needed in order to get going.

Already dressed, he went down the stairs, knocking on his sisters bedroom door. Nothing happened for a while and eventually Gerrey moved on to his mothers room. The door was ajar, and Roposena Kodí was nowhere to be seen, so Gerrey went down for breakfast.

His mother sat by one of the long tables, eating along with a white haired guard.
Rumtets!” he called out to her before sitting down.
He!” she replied, looking up from her slice of white bread. The guard looked around, spotted the man, and they greeted as well.
I have received a letter from Lord Davos,” he began, “so I must meet him at the Citadel to discuss some matters that have recently arisen.” He spoke English now, to avoid the curious glare of the man sitting opposite him. His mother didn’t speak, but kept chewing her mouthful of bread. "Can you tell Sira? I can’t wait until she wakes."
She looked at him and smiled. “Of… of course!” The bread had not gone down completely still. “Send Davos my regards!

After eating, he’d had one of the white mares readied in the stables, after which he rode off. The sun had still barely come up, and in the mountain passes the chill of the night was still present, a presence that was intensified as he approached the snowy tops that marked him approaching Wyvernsdale. He hoped to get there by lunchtime!


Being a king is tough work… Davos thought to himself while sitting on his new throne listening to his advisors Muzwall made it seem so easy, how did he do it? He shooed off the advisors trying to get a moment alone to think to himself How shall I take care of Sir Greogar? Ever since Greogar left the Northern Realm Davos suspected that he’d go work for their enemy’s. And his suspensions were proven true. He and Lord Gerrey came to an agreement. But King Muzwall decided to take manners into his own hands and join the assassins. He would need to discuss this topic with Gerrey. Just as he got up to see if any more parrots arrived he heard the sound of the doors opening…


Some time, which must have been in the morning, gentle knocking was heard at Ara’s door. Half asleep and with his bed sheets all over his bed, the knocking felt as if someone was lightly hitting him on the head. With no reply, the knocking repeated, louder this time. The irritating sound finally managed to make Ara open his eyes, and look around his room.

‘‘By the ancestors… what an awful dream…’’ he thought to himself, ‘‘What idiot would attempt to siege THIS castle, hah…’’ he smiled. The knocking repeated a third time, this time with an accompanying old female voice, ‘‘Lord? Are you awake? May i enter?’’

Ara, being naked, quickly grabbed his undergarments and cloak and began calmly putting them on, ‘‘One moment!’’ he replied as he made himself look presentable before approaching the door. It was one of the castle servants, Lia, an elderly pale Keelish woman which is the only one to which he entrusts the cleaning of his room.

‘‘Good morning lord, slept well?’’ she asked politely and with a pleasant smile, ‘‘I’ve had better nights…’’ Ara replied. ‘‘Sorry to hear that…’’ she went on, ‘‘You must still have worries about the siege lurking about your mind, hm?’’

‘‘Oh crap,… right, that really happened.’’ Ara remembered. ‘‘Which reminds me!’’ remarked Lia as she began to water the decorative flowers around Ara’s quarters, ‘‘The steward is requesting that you go see him.’’, ‘‘Did he say why?’’ asked Ara, cleaning out his sleep crispies from under his eyes, to which she simply went ‘‘Nope.’’ and continued with her work.

Leaving his room and making his way down the stairs, he took a seat at the first long table which was full of bread, fruits and leftover pork chops from what had to be breakfast. The troops garrisoned here have an exact schedule, to which Ara does not need to comply to, and it seems he overslept breakfast for quite a bit, the pork was just barely still warm, even with the large candles they put under the metal trays on their elevated stands.

Mid meal, he was noticed by his steward who just came in through the front door. Not wanting to bother him while he ate, he only passed to greet him with a ‘‘Good morning, m’lord’’ and took a seat on one of the sofas next to Ara’s throne where he waited while holding a parchment.

After breakfast, Ara slowly made his way to his throne, ‘‘Okay,’’ he took a deep breath, ‘‘What do you have for me?’’ he gestured the steward.
’‘Well lord, i assume you know about the attempted attack on our castle not long before your return?’’
’‘I do.’’ Ara replied to the steward in a fouler mood.
’‘Well, you will be happy to hear, that no damage was done to the castle whatsoever, and the Grimguard troops were successfully escorted out of the imperium without further incidents.’’
’‘Good, what about the payments i sent after them?’’ Ara asked somewhat expecting trouble.
’‘The payments were successfully handed over to armed NR personnel, it is in their hands.’’
’‘Good,’’ he sighed in relief, ‘‘Who gets it and what they do with it is their problem now.’’
’‘On the subject of the NR…’’ the steward interrupted, ‘‘We received vague reports that the king of the NR, Muzwall, was eliminated in combat.’’
’‘What?’’ Ara asked in a low tone as he looked at the steward with a lowered brow in anticipation of details.
’‘And at the hands of Sir Georgar, as it would seem.’’

Ara and his steward remained in silence for a moment as a million thoughts flew through Ara’s mind, ‘‘Well…’’ he finaly spoke to the steward, ‘’…this changes things.’’
’‘Indeed.’’ he replied.
’‘Will there be anything else?’’ Ara asked with his gaze staring deep in to the flames of the main hall’s fireplace.
’‘That will be all, m’lord.’’,
’‘Very well, thank you.’’ he replied and gestured him to leave.


My king?

Gerrey peeked his head through the newly opened door. He brightened up as he caught a glimpse of his king.

He had arrived there half an hour earlier, but after leaving his horse in a stable below in the valley, he’d walked all the steps up into the looming Citadel. He met a steward along the way, who told him of Davos’s whereabouts. Now he stood face to face with him.

I came as soon as I could!” Gerrey began, “the nuggets are with the families as the letter said!


”Lord Gerrey! Good to see a familiar face around here!” Davos cried out, relieved to see a good friend. Davos rose from his throne and said ”Sadly we are here on more serious manners. The nuggets are with the soldiers families, but what of the payment from the Keelish? What do you say we do of it?”


Straight to business then!” Gerrey spoke. “Personally I say we give it to the Frostwithers! The young Lord must be devastated, he really looked up to his cousin! No one outside the council must know!


”Good point, we need the the Frostwithers family’s support if we wish to rule from the Citidel, but we must make sure no word of this deed is ever spreads. I can’t trust a parrot with this kind of information, they’re too social. Luckily Muzwall kept a stash of crows around for instances like these.” As Davos watched the raven fly into the distance he asked Gerrey ”I’m sending my troops to finish the assassins jobs, were going to take out Geogar for what he did”.


Gerrey, who’d turned to look out the window, spun back in an instant at these words. ”More assassinations? Now? What we need right now is some intel on that shiny bastard!” He curled his lip in dislike, ”I don’t like the thought of him still alive, yet I fear more the cloudy mist in which he lies! Do we have anything at all about him since the assassination?


”This isn’t going to be another assassination Gerrey, no more hiding in the shadows. Were going to meet him head on, take him out and dismantle his group of mercenaries.” Davos said coldly. ”And as for intel all we know is that he’s at his keep, that’s more than enough information for me.”


Gerrey frowned, he was not used to Davos making decisions this agressive. ”My king, if I may,” he began, ”is it really wise to run head first into Shocklord? While I do despise him, I can not ignore his skills as a strategist! He will know that we’re coming before we even come near that shack of theirs! If we send our men there now, they won’t return!

Davos was looking at him intensly, so he continued, ”let me take a dozen masons to Blackwood. Let me speak to the Lord in person, if you wish to wage war from his territory, at least give him the opportunity to fortify his standings!


Davos looked for a moment at his friend before saying ”You’re right Gerrey, attacking head on will only spill blood.” ”Listen Gerrey, I trust you and your tactics so I say let’s go with them, you have my permission to take as many masons as you’d like” but then Davos turned to Gerrey in a more serious tone ”I only have one requirement from you, I want that man dead.”


Gerrey exhaled, his friend had agreed to his plans. Nodding at Davos’ last words, he said carefully, ”If you do not mind, I would like to request to spend the night here, my king! I will ride off at dawn!


”You are more than welcome! Help yourself to a guest bedroom and make yourself at home!” Davos told Gerrey merrily. Davos wanted more than anything to join Lord Gerrey in the battle, but he knew as king he had other duty’s yet he still dreamed of being in the battlefield once more.


Gerrey was not seen my anyone for the rest of the day, other than the innkeepers daughter, who glimpsed his robe disappear around a corner, she didn’t investigate however, and went back into the warmth.

When the Iceori lay down into the bed in the Citadel that evening, an image hovered above him, an image that would keep appearing for the next week whenever he closed his eyes, a large shadow, hair as the night itself, and a scar, a scar a little longer than his own middle finger, across the left eye.


[RP] Kleriel History (old)

Some time later

A fickle glowrod* lit the small space up. Gerrey sat at a table with a bottle in his hand. He was sleeping heavily, rocked to sleep in his tiredess. Georgar ending his campaign before it’d even touched Altori ground was the first unexpected move the Grimguard Lord had made since he’d broken free of their ranks. All that fierce bloodlust, which he knew so well, and had failed to tame so many times before, had seemingly disappeared. Yes, Georgar walking away from a battle, even one he couldn’t possibly win, was very much unlike him.

Gerrey had, however, recently found out the reason behind the Grimguard withdrawal, which left the Blackwood fortification project little more than an infrastructural maintainance project (even if it turned out to be more needed than what was previously considered, as some buildings in the province had corroded rather massively). ”From one battlefield on to the next,” he’d thought before he began his efforts of drinking himself under the table. ”The end of him must be coming in one of them!” he’d then concluded, and drunk his first big gulp of ale. The first of many.

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