[RP Episode] A meet of figureheads


It is a crisp winter evening, the sun is slowly making its descent as the guards begin to change shifts high up in castle Zha’til. Things have been quiet in the Skaadi mountains with no hellspawn intruders from the west, road patrols have been relaxed, and the nation has had the chance to take a sigh of relief, at least for the next cycle.

As always, the gates have been lowered, and the castle doors shut closed nearing night time, the torches are being lit by the men, and the castle residence are settling down for the day. Ara’Gottix is as always in his office rolled up in more papers, he pities the fools the crown makes climb this mountain to bring him these. He chose this castle for its peaceful secluded location, to rest his nerves in the calm winds and fresh air of the mountains from the diplomatic lunacy and bureaucratic rubbish he usually has to deal with, but even here, people bother him.

Every so often, he gets up to stoke the fire in his fireplace, every time considering simply burning the heap of reports on his table, as he basically already knew what he would read from them before he even opened the envelope, but the state requires such documentation preserved, and as such, they must remain… sadly.

But then, unexpectedly, a figure approaches the castle from below, a new face not seen before in these parts… a human?



Georgar was tired. He had already had a rough welcome from some border guards, which has left both him and them glad to see each other go. He’d left his mark on them, but he had not gotten away unscathed. He was looking foreward to a good nights sleep, but first he had to gain entrance to the towering fortress that loomed over him. He decided to go with the sneak approach, not trusting to gain admittance through tact alone. In fact, if his encounter at the border had taught him anything, it was that he could expect a rough welcome.
When he reached the door of the wall, he drew two hooks from his belt, sank them into the wall, and began to climb.


It being a quiet evening, the sound of steel hooks clashing against rock wasn’t as quiet as some might hope, and was a rather loud and obvious noise. A group of guards had just sat down for a game of cards atop the wall when they heard faint clashing of sorts not too far away, and sent one of themselves to peek over the edge, using a torch in hand to illuminate the stonework.


He was so close. He reached up and over the wall, only to see a startled guard peering over the edge at him! He drew back his arm, grabbed the guard by the shoulder, and hauled himself on to the wall. He drew his swords and backed up to put his back to the wall. George eyes the guards carefully…
exhales slowly


After Sir Georgar used the guard as leverage to pull himself on to the wall, the guard stumbled backwards in panic and falling over himself. The other guards saw this and rushed to stand up, draw their swords, and orderly surround the intruder. ‘‘Zu’tol tasi ver nor zureth!?’’ a guard spoke to him, and as they saw he did not understand, one of them broke off from the group to run inside of the main keep, possibly to fetch someone of higher authority. With the entire castle now on high alert, and lots of eyes on them from elsewhere from the castle grounds, they waited.

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“Hey! You there! I’m looking for the leader of the…keelish? Is that how you say it?” Georgar addressed the guards. "Now I know you blokes don’t like the look of me, and frankly, I don’t blame you. I just need to speak with him, and I request a bed for the night. Don’t try to take me, it’s not worth your trouble."
lowers sword slightly


Just as Georgar finished speaking to the clueless guards who were unable to speak nor understand the world’s ‘‘common tongue’’, Ara’Gottix made his way up the stairs to the top of the wall and took position amidst the guards. With a relaxed gaze, he took a gander at the intruder, ‘‘You are in our lands now, not only intruding in to our territory, but managed to brake in to one of our strongholds. Exhausted and tattered, finding this place, climbing up this mountain, over our wall, and being outnumbered a 100 to 1, you feel like you are in a position to make demands?’’ he laughed, ‘‘Lay down your weapon and surrender yourself if you want to keep your life, i promise we wont kill you…’’ and made a gesture at one of the guards to lower his weapon and prepare to take Geogar’s if he were to cooperate.


“And who the hell are you, might I ask?” It’s not my fault you make your gates hard to find, or I would’ve knocked. As it is, I’m not giving up any weapons. I dont know who you are, and for all I know, you may be lying. What say ye we discuss this over some ale in your great hall. I don’t know about you, but I’m freezing." Georgar replied.


“Also, you dont seem at all impressed, " finding and then scaling this mountain and wall, out numbered a 100 to 1” Georgar grinned, in a passable imitaion of the newcomer’s voice. “Actually, come to think of it, does that mean you have only a hundred men here? I thought you’d have more.” Georgar cocked his head and grinned.


‘‘You expect me to trust a man who just attempted a brake in into my inner sanctum? For all I know you could be an assassin!’’ Ara growled in bemusement, ‘‘Though I don’t know how difficult humans find it to follow the only path up to this place straight to the big obvious front gate, you aren’t fooling me that easy. Now, last chance, turn over your weapons or I’ll have my men throw your smart mouth off the side of the mountain.’’ he said in a grim voice. The valley bellow indeed was a very long way down, and at this point of the day, little more than darkness could be seen down there.


“Very well, as it appears I have no chpice, I will turn over my bow, and one of my swords. I’m keeping this one,” George’s said, looking fondly at a small but serviceable short sword at his belt. “Here my bow, and now my sword,” laying a razorsharp blade at his feet, and sliding a quiver of arrows off his back. “Now about that cup of ale. …”


“I will say though, I don’t think you have enough of men to 'throw my smart mouth over the wall” there only about 20 of you up here, you do barely know me. I’ve been in worse positions." George said, as the guards swarmed around him. “I hope your guard is okay. I didn’t mean to hit him, I as aiming for the wall.”


‘‘If you were pinned against those odds and lived, then you weren’t matched against Keelish legionaries…’’ he said in a calmer voice while he gestured one of the guards to pick up Georgar’s gear. ‘‘Your belongings will be returned to you on your way out.’’ he added, ‘‘Come with me, then.’’ he said as he proceeded to make his way down from the wall and on to the courtyard, expecting him to follow.

The guards lower their weapons somewhat but remain vigilant, their guest still had one more blade left on his person, which had them worried. There never was a point when Georgar was allowed to come too close to Ara without one of the guards closing in on them, and would step in the way should there be an attempt on his life. They wanted to make it obvious that Georgar should keep his distance.

As they were making their way through the courtyard, they were coming up to the big double doors that were the entrance to the main keep, which were being held open just enough for people to pass through, but not see much of what was inside. Curious eyes could be seen peeking through the windows of some of the buildings surrounding the courtyard as well.


“Nice place you got, how old is it? You ever have to defend it? Looks like decent stone work to me.” George’s spoke approvingly. “How long have these, excuse me, keelish? Legionaries been training, hm? Have they ever fought before? I know reputation can be a useful bluff, but have they ever actually had to use their training? That one guard who’s nose I broke didn’t seem so superhuman to me.”
“On another note, who are you? I was wandering north, looking for a kingdom known as Ebonsgrasp, when I stumbled upon this place.” Georgar gazed around him, noting possible exits amd lines of fire


Ara stops his pace to turn and face Georgar and his multitude of questions with an irritated expression on his face, ‘‘We Keelish train from a very early age to defend our homeland from the demonic horrors that lie just beyond the horizon, and fight them every single damn cycle. Our lives can last for up to a millennia, which is hundreds of years of training to be had. Where you are now, Zha’til, is one of the frontal stronghold that holds back the invading hordes that would see to tare not only us, but all civilisation to shreds’’, he explained, took a breath, and continued more calmly, ‘‘We are in the way of them and the rest of the world, keeping the rest of you worry free, and the only thing we seem to get in return is your kind’s insolence.’’

Ara then turned towards the doors again, ‘‘So yes, these men, and this castle, all know combat.’’ he added upon entering the main hall, which was a wide space with stone pillars on the outer edges holding up the ceiling. The main keep of the castle was dug in to the core of the mountain itself, the main hall had two long tables down its middle, both having lots of untouched food and drink left over from dinner, still warm too, and some men were lounging around them on their cushioned and comfortable chairs, conversing in their native tongue. The room was warm as the fireplace in the middle of one of the side walls flamed brightly, and the walls and floor were decorated with vibrant green carpets, curtains, and banners of the finest fabric.


“If its a question of demonic horrors, I don’t seem you lot to be there to help out when I got this scar” he said, indicating a jagged strip running down his left eye. “Or this one,” he continued showing a hand that had severe burn marks running along it and one finger missing. “Let me make two things clear. One, I don’t like your attitude, boy, And second I came here to treat with the emperor of the keelish, not to be insulted by one of his minions. I respect what you have done, but I ask you to show a little respect in return. If you have indeed protected us, then why did I have to spend most of my life fighting theses things. I’m a ranger, and I too have seen things you would not imagine.” the ranger stopped, and crossed his arms, I have killed more men and beasts in my life then are in three of your cities combined. I have slain dragons, ridden wolves, and fought against the greatest beast of legend, the Wyvern of the Northern Realm." He cocked an eyebrow “Do not think that because I am a man, that I am only a few score years old. I’m as old as you are. I was there when the great nation of Altor fell. In fact, I caused it. So I say we continue these diplomatic discussion on a basis of mutual respect. Shall we?”


Ara looked at the man lifting both eyebrows, ‘‘Oh, indeed? Well then, do you mind taking part in a little test of mine to show if you are truly worthy of my respects?’’ he asked as he waved to one of the accompanying guards to send him off to quickly fetch something.


“Of course. If you test me, may I test you?” Georgar breathed out slowly. He knew he was able to do anything a man could, and more, but after all, he DID know little about these people.


‘‘Ofcourse, but only if you pass this little test first.’’

The guard he sent off returned carrying a rather heavy rock of considerable size with both arms, he came up to Georgar and offered it to him.

‘‘Take the rock in to your arms.’’ Ara instructed.


Georgar picked up the rock and waited.