[RP Discussion] Name The Southern Seas


Okay, here it goes.

Since I don’t want to be a shmuck and go ahead with naming anything in the wider world myself, and also because my ideas are limited, why don’t we get down to naming things in the empires world, together, ey?

Last time we had a competition about naming the several continents that were through out the map. This time though, we got a rather large singular landmass, with very few islands, but lots of gulfs, peninsulas, and what have you, which part the bodies of water in to noticeable sections. The most numerous and notable of which are in the south. Because of this, when roleplaying, people have been referring to the southern waters as ‘‘The Southern Seas’’, but we don’t actually have a name for any of them. Which is where you lot come in.

Okay, GO!


the between me and the crownlands of siil claire and Co
i would call that the strides of Njörðr or Strides of Njord, named after the Vanir god Njord a god of the sea and sea travel, whom are also the father of Frej and Freja


Strides or straits?


Strides or straits? Hmmm


Okay, so here is what I had, at least, pending discussions to confirm etc. I’ve mostly defined the various seas by geographic features that would allow for navigators and sailors to more easily identify where they are, and have stuck to historical conventions where possible.

Also, this is entirely to do with the Seas in direct contact with the main landmass of the Crownlands, beyond that, I’ve not really thought about it. So, without further ado…

The Sea between the Crownlands and Tescana. (1)

In the lore (as it currently stands) Tescana grew out of the former colonies from the Crownlands. This land was discovered by fisherman and sailors island hoping along the chain to the west of this sea, eventually finding the larger land mass.
So, in my head, I was going to call it something like “O Mar de Meio” (The Middle Sea) or “O Mar de Travessia” (The Crossing Sea) to represent that, in the early history, it sat in-between the two main landmasses that made up the lands where the same broad group of people lived.
Though I did split this area off, being bound by the island chain to the west, and drawing a rough line from Amali to the final broken splinter of land coming off the crown lands on the right side. The sea next to that, I had felt was deserving of a different name, hence the split.

The Sea between the Crownlands and the Desert (or Sultanate). (2)

At the moment, there is a general lack of lore here, so it’s difficult to tie this to anything on that front. However, a few things to consider:

  1. It, along with the previously mentioned sea, sits in what I would consider the major oceanic crossroads of the world. Nearly all factions, if traveling by sea, would likely pass through this waterway as the quickest route to most other nations.
  2. The boundary line i have placed between 1 and 2 on the map is, IMO, somewhat arbitrary when considering convention, so that line could be easily abolished and the two seas merged together, which would make “The Middle Sea” a somewhat appropriate name.

The Straights between Crownland and the rest of the Desert (3)

This area is easily definable by the edge of the land on one side, though not on the other, which, historically, is not an issue. It does have the very obvious delta in it, which would be such an important geographical feature IRL that it could serve as the basis for it’s name. Most straits IRL are named after a major location based around it (Gibraltar, Hormuz, Malacca) etc. Do we have a name for the river at all?

Whatever it ends up being, it should be “Straits of ******” I reckon.

The Sea between the Crownlands and Nigardheim. (4)

I actually quite like where Fluffy is going here, but for a different reason. For the Crownlands, it would be a northern sea, or O Mar de Norte (The North Sea). Norte and Njord do sound very similar, so perhaps the most logical answer is in a blending of these two words, as the two societies crossed the waters and mingled on each side, resulting in a name that came from the two? It’ll take a little creative license, but I think that’s reasonable? @DKfluffyDK

Picture to show what I am referring to. :slight_smile:


Okay, so:

1 + 2 = The Middle Sea
3 = Straits of Jida (yes, that is what that river has been called ever since my and Dino’s first ep)
and 4 = Njord sea?


i guess Njord sea is laymen terms are just fine with me


Sorry, to clarify:

Since Norte and Njord are similar, it’s likely that it would blend, letters would be dropped (because people are lazy af and if they can say it quicker, they will do.) So, IMO, it would perhaps become something like Nord (j dropped because of of the transition it forces a person saying it) t would be swapped to d, since d’s tend to roll a bit easier off the tongue then a sharper t noise.

So, I think it would change into something like Norde or Nord. It’s the most likely combination of the two names that I think would happen.


Nord sea, or… sea of the Nords :stuck_out_tongue: Coincidentally.


Norden Sea.


I like the names of 3 and 4, but I have a suggestion for 1 and 2. Perhaps the Middle Sea could get a name similar to the Mediterranean, such as Mare Nostrum. Since one faction doesn’t rule it however it could be named something like “Sea of Men”. This would reflect its big role in trade as well. How does that sound?


‘‘Sea of Men’’

The eastern half of the continent:
narrows eyes


strides of Njörðr / Strides of Njord, or Njord Sea, in my mind anyway


Nigallenian sea? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’d be interesting! How would you feel about “Sea of the Sun”? In the Crownlands and Amali the sun sets there while in Xia it is where the sun rises.


I think you mixed up east and west there, buddy.


Okay, so. I did a bit more looking, and I have come to this rough divide up of the water bodies. Please note, I’m being a bit lenient with some of the definitions here, so bare with me on this one, but, Tada:

Most of them, should be fairly self evident as to the reason for the borders. Only one I’m not totally convinced is the obvious one. Reason I’m on the fence with this on, is the size and relative geographical importance, particularly if we start splitting off bays and straits from it.

Please note, this is not stopping to put in obvious sub-divisions within the seas. Oceans, at least by the International Hydrographic Organisation’s definition, does NOT contain sub-divisions within them. I prefer their definition over that of the CIA factbook, on the grounds that the CIA insist that the Black Sea is part of the Atlantic. They can sod off on that one.

I’d advise minimal changes to this general setup at this point, as we could end up going around in circles and not come to an answer. These are pretty reasonable IMO.


Shit… :grimacing: