[RP Discussion] Looking Back


Hey guys,
Okay it’s obvious, RP has died down quite a bit. But I think we all have received at least some sort of enjoyment from it. However something I kind of want to hear from you guys is, what did you not like about RP on the server, specifically the forums and episodes. I don’t mean this to be negative, or demeaning towards anybody. I just want to reflect on the time we’ve had, and analyze the cons and see if there’s ways we can RP better and put more fun into the game.

There were a few things I did not like.

People taking control of episodes that were not started by them. Specifically stretching out parts of episodes that didn’t need to be emphasized, or more unrelated to the main topic or purpose of the episode.

Then, something I am to blame for a lot, not writing enough, or changing my mind too often. I realize I’ve disrupted quite a bit of stuff most notably the great tournament episode. To be completely honest I should have just continued Roklavia. It was going pretty well.

Another thing. Some episodes tended to be extremely drawn-out, and I’m talkin about diplomatic and Military episodes. The drawn-out episodes tend to start out an interesting fashion, then take on a repetitive pattern that is a chore to read. Why turn your story into a 200 reply episode, when it just sounds like a history book, or a childrens historical fiction novel. It would probably be a lot more enjoyable to read as a shorter segment of a history book, AKA your lore pages.

My last issue. Attention to detail. Is your story easy to read? Is your story enjoyable to read? Is your story full of robotic characters that only are there to serve a purpose, or do your characters Drive the story and take it in unexpected directions? Do you see what I’m getting at?

Yes I’m being critical here. I’m sorry. If all your characters do is talk, negotiate, fight, and do other Valiant and diplomatically important things, are they really alive or are they only there so that the plot can go on? Does your character have a bad habit the other people notice? Do they have flaws or strengths that constantly affect the plot? Do you ever give a visual description of how they look, or describe what they hear feel see taste or smell?

Does your RP character article ever play a role in any episodes you write? Or did you just put a bunch of random characteristics together and never used them?

You see what I’m getting at here? I’m just hoping in the future we’ll have more interesting characters, with traits and personalities that we either love or love to hate.

Once again, I don’t mean to be overly negative, I just think it’s important that we recognize what we didn’t like, see other people’s perspectives. Please comment yours

Ps: Also I think we should have less isolationism and more interaction. Idk if its the same for anyone else, but including someone in a story is Kinda like giving them a piece of candy, its nice and makes the person feel appreciated and included. But if they take too much candy, aka write more than they were offered, it can kinda look greedy or inconsiderate, unless the giver is ok with it.


Reflecting on Kleriel, in regards to character depth and personalities, i think i’ve personally done a decent job with the few that i actually bothered to roleplay with. Characters like Rhoa, Kesh, Lyrien, and even Ara and Qeerel all had depth and a story, even if they won’t be explored much further with the reset possibly on the horizon, while i admit, the rest of my characters in my rooster were just there to do a job. I loved those characters, and i kind of feel bad i won’t get to finish their story now. I may recycle them and finish what i’ve started next time i decide to do samurai again.

What i didn’t like about roleplay however is a rather… technical issue on how we roleplay overall, and how the rules work. Sometimes, people decided to take part in an event and played their cards wrong, and instead of dealing with the consequences like it would make sense to lore wise, they outright refused to, and by the rulebook, they were in the right. This ruins roleplay for me, its rubbish. Clear examples being:

1 - Maruba staying out of the northern war, yet still aiding the north. They were not affected by the treaty at the end of the war in any way because they weren’t in it, so the following cease fire and truce did not apply to them. Wanting revenge, Valkoria was of a mind (not really, but we were going to make it seem like it) to invade Maruba. This was planned to establish an in-lore reason to why Maruba would ever want to come in to a protectorate under Kleriel by its own accord.

2 - When Valkoria signed the peace treaty, they promised to leave the iron concorde and brake all ties with them. Not too long after, a revolution engulfs Ebongrasp, one of the founders of the iron concorde, and Valkorian troops arrive in force to save the emperors. Declaring such in wide open through a megaphone so everyone would be aware of their intentions there (i think it was, or some other word for a similar device), and in doing so, braking the treaty. At the same time, Valkoria had just signed the anti-rogue pact with Kleriel, agreeing to come to each others defence to ward off rogues, and fight in their wars, but only if their aggression was without due reason, and proper declaration. Valkoria being in Ebongrasp, after the realisation that the emperors have been disposed of, decided to occupy and annex the territory, and was willing to do so forcefully if the native Ebongraspians would not comply. This action went against the very rules of the anti-rogue pact they agreed to be a part of. Lo and behold, after explaining to Geo the current situation and how Kleriel would not come to its aid if it dragged itself in to a war due to past breaches in agreements, there is now an impenetrable storm around the entire nation.

And the worst part of both these cases is: Both of them were warned about possible consequences. Kung was asked several times to join the war, to help us fully so we could have had an easier victory, but as he wanted to maintain his ‘‘neutrality’’, that soon caught up to him. And Geo, who i have told to pull out of Ebongrasp before we even started the rising sun episode where my guy blackmailed him about it, had his actions catch up to him as well.

Guys, playing nations, you should be aware that your actions have weight, that your decisions might have consequences. If Kung wanted to be neutral, he should have stayed out of the war completely and not aligned himself with DK to be semi-neutral, just to spite Geo. Not because he has in IC reason, but because he dislikes him OOC (which is also one of my downs of roleplay btw). And Geo should have either just pulled out, or shouldn’t have gone there in the first place, and he would have had no issues, and a defensive pact with Kleriel. All i and my characters ever did was react to past events to make the most use of them. Some would call it political intrigue, but people just need to play their alliances straight and stand their ground when they’ve played a bad card.

Another grand thing to prevent this from happening would be if everyone was not that damn salty with everyone else at the time. Nobody will just like you or will want to roleplay with you if you want to play as your pristine untouchable mary sue land of splendor and grace. Sometimes you should take a bullet so you can give one back later. Like Kleriel being bombed by Kaveh, i got nothing from that (except a reason to bark at him OOC whenever Ario attempts to explain how Kaveh’s goal is peaceful trade :wink:). Or when one of Geo’s towns got ravaged by demons, he didn’t get anything from that encounter either.

We roleplay to make stories. And to have fun, try to remember that. Embarking in to a story and seeing where it takes you is what makes roleplay… roleplay. If you set sail on this ship not expecting hull breaches, you should stay ashore.


I agree with Ara. Player’s characters must suffer for the consequences of their actions. I can’t say anything more, or I’ll get called out for some of the other things Ara mentioned, which proves his point.


Don’t victimize yourself please Geo. I will agree with Ara insofar that he has a point about people dodging the consequences of their actions, but in the end, those same factions end up isolated and ostracized. I’m not sure if it’s something that needs management in the strictest sense. I think people will learn on their own that it’s not a good idea to kick the hornet’s nest and then pretend you haven’t. It’s not in your own interest, and not in the community’s.


Writing for Maruba, I can agree that I am guilty of Music’s first point. This was mainly in the episode we all remember as “The Tournament”. Also the third point touches on some sins of mine, although this has to do both with loosing the main thread of the episode, as in The Tournament, as just mid-episode finding myself in a situation IRL, where role play had to be placed far down the list of priorities, as happened in my opening episode with Geo, “The Eagle and the Jarl”, as well as now with “No Middle Men”, although in that case I did make the suggestion to finish the episode OOC and post a summary post to save it from getting so ridiculously long, which was denied.

To not make this post just about whipping myself, I think I payed a good deal of attention to detail, and kept the stories I partook in fairly consistent, as well as my presence overall.

In response to Ara’s mention of my issue with consequences, I humbly disagree. I say this not to ignite conflict, just to have my voice heard. If Geo, waiting a while and regrouping, would have launched a campaign in a reasonable fashion, maybe I would have been okay with it. But if we recall the stage for the attack he launched would have been an army crossing an entire mountain range Hannibal-style in a matter of weeks, just after they got decimated twice, first by you and then the danes.

As for claiming that I should’ve kept 100% neutral, why I seem to remember a fair bit of nagging and blackmail involved. However that’s water under the bridge in both directions in my opinion.

What I want to see more of in future is people role playing for the sake of a good story, rather than the desire to shove others around. I agree with Music’s point of less isolationism too. We really aren’t enough people in this community to keep ignoring one another, and that’s another reason for why big scale wars and huge tech differences are a bad idea IG. A split community, be it for political or technological reasons, halves the possible counterparts you can interact friendly with, and with us being such a small crowd, that limits options. Hence why nowadays the north and south tend to talk to none but their own camp (save Kleriel, gj). I am guilty of this too of course, but by putting it out there I hope to change my way of role playing as well as the next guys, preferably to the better.

Another thing that might lower the levels of salt is players having OOC discussions on where they want to take an episode. I understand why some prefer not to, but to have a faint sketch before starting to paint lowers the risk of people feeling double crossed, as has been the case over and over again.

I still hope no reset occurs, and I know I am in the minority. But whatever happens now, there are my thoughts. Enjoy!