[RP Charactor] Georgar Shocklord


Name: Commander Georgar Shocklord

Species/Race: Unknown. Look’s like a man, but much longer lived.

Age: late 400’s?

Upbringing: Georgar was raised by a group of northern rangers who found him in the ruins of a city of the old world. Once he came of age (25), he left them, and wandered the far reaches of the North.Years later, and with many a scar and tale of battle, he found a man named Muzwall Frostwither. He was welcomed into his home, and spent the winter there. He and Muzwall have remained friends ever since.
Georgar was responsible for starting the war that brought down the Altori Empire. He fell a foul of the king, and after his small army was destroyed fled to his friend, Lord Frostwither. Together they managed to defeat the king. After the war was over, Geogar spent a few years serving as a general for the Northern Realm. However, he eventually grew weary of the lords endless politics, and broke away, with his own personal unit of soldiers following him. After a few adventures in Kleriel, he returned and built the Winterkeep, a towering fortress near an old Altor mine. He is currently attempting to severe all ties with the Northern Realm, and become his own master.

Title (if applicable): Ranger, Commander, Lord Grimguard

Alliegance: None. He is a close friend of King Frostwither, Lord of the Northern Realm.

Cresera: Residence
Nemisan: Visitation
Empyrean: None
Aequus: None

Physical Appearance: He stands some 6.6 feet tall, with white skin and black eyes. He is quite strong, strong enough to climb a tower wearing armor and weapons. He has a jagged scar running down his left eye, and black hair. Multiple scars criss-cross down his back, reminder of an encounter with a dragon.
Equipment: He wears black and silver light armor, with a brown cloak thrown over it. He wields a bow and two swords in battle.
Talented horseman
Extremely skilled in combat, both personally and strategically
Strong and fast
He can be difficult to reason with.
Doesn’t always see the whole picture.


Welcome ranger, I will accept your services gladly


The pleasure is mine, my liege.


I would correct that to Altor Empire, not kingdom


May our paths cross one day, Sir!


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Hello SirGeorgar

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