[RP Character] Xial II


Character Name: Xial II
Species/Race: Xial
Age: His lifespan encompasses many a millennia
Title (if applicable): Lord Of Ash, Emperor Of Infinite
Faction Allegiance(s) (if applicable): The Irongladian Confederacy, The Ebongraspian Empire
Physical Description: Six feet tall, the lord of ash towers next to all of his opponents. Permanently encased in a suit of armor containing his immense heat, his figure remains slender, yet looming. He is the embodiment of hell, forged of pain and demise many eons ago. A figure as if a human had strapped on a sea of shifting lava, few have ever seen him without ashsteel armor. A sleek, black helmet covers his face, with only dead, white eyes making it to the light of day.
Personality Description: Having survived many wars and conflicts, the lord is permanently paranoid, and can count the amount of people he trusts on his two hands. Very skeptical of all he comes across, it is difficult for him to form attachments. Aeons of loss and pain have sucked almost all emotion from his dead heart, and the little pleasure he can feel must come from bringing his pain upon others. The sheer amount of events and conflicts he has endured have turned him cold, but will display occasional affection, and has knowledge above all.
Abilities: Having studied under thousands of masters over his time, he has become knowledgable in next to all subjects, including nearly all forms of combat. Sleek, yet heavy armor prevents him from most extravagant manoeuvres, but is certainly an opponent to trump all in his countless legions of terror. He is a most talented practitioner of manipulation, with words the texture of silk, and actions the weight of steel. Most confident is he with the longsword, and other types of blades. He rarely, if ever makes use of weapons outside of this range, unless presented the opportunity, but is more than capable of all, shy of blunt weapons. A long time user and student of alchemy and dark magic, he can only call upon basic rituals, due to his weak ability to conjure a range of emotions required for a fulfilled student of the dark arts.
Weaknesses: Loss and death of loved ones has emotionally crippled him, springing many different personalities and insane rants to the surface. He constantly speaks to himself, with a virtuous side begging for control, but constantly smothered by cold, hard, hate. His paranoia keeps him from arrogance, but also leads to constant overestimation of opponents, which provides difficulty in battle. A shell of what his abilities used to be, he is in constant fear of losing power to rivals, turning him ruthless and bloodthirsty, as well as sad and lonely on the flip side.

[RP Faction] Empire of Ebongrasp

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