[RP Character] The Wayfarer


Name: Ghoth the Wayfarer
Species: Heathen
Age: Estimated to be around 110 years old
Title: The Wayfarer
Faction: Kingdom of Ayrith

Physical description:
Ghoth has a similar appearance to that of an octopus, but has a humanoid figure that is tall and thin, standing at around 6”5. He has four eyes and has tentacles covering the lower part of his face that look almost like a beard. Ghoth wears a dark blue hooded cloak, underneath he has padded leather armour and a chestplate. He carries a backpack and crossbow on his back, and has a belt to which he straps his short sword and potions.

Personality description:
Ghoth is of the explorer type. As an adventurer, he travels very light, this also means alone, thanks to this he has become very independent and doesn’t need others to thrive. He is as fast thinker and can make decisions on a dime. He is very curios and the smallest things can catch his interest. Ghoth has a great interest in brewing and alchemy, often experimenting with different ingredients in his spare time for fun to see what he can cook up.

Due to his years of exploring Ghoth is outstanding at navigating his way through the lands. Through experimenting with different ingredients, he has gained quite the familiarity with alchemy and brewing. Ghoth is good with ranged weapons, especially when he uses a crossbow.

He is very bad with using melee weapons. Goth sometimes experiences something he name “a call to the void”, during this time it’s almost like something else is controlling him, this sometimes results in him getting into tricky situations or fights with friends and allies.

Ghoth’s early years are as much of a mystery to him, as they are to those who have known him. His curiosity and the uncertainty of his past is what drives him to explore and seek out information about his past. One day he was hoisted up out of the sea by a net, seeing that he had a humanoid figure, they got him out of the net and took him to the lower deck. When he came to, cold and alone, tired and confused, he noticed a man sitting next to his bed. Ghoth didn’t know how to speak English but could guess what the man was trying to tell him, and by pointing at a map, today Ghoth was on a big fishing boat, that was heading back to Harboria, a port town in the kingdom of Ayrith. His many years of lone exploring the Kingdom of Ayrith and beyond, earned him his nickname The Wayfarer. _

a creature that was once only talked about in myths and legends… has now flooded into their reality.


Nice profile, my aquatic friend :smiley:


Intriguing indeed! I do have a slight issue with the backstory however! Ayrith doesn’t have any connections to larger bodies of water, so perhaps you arrived in Ebongrasp or some other country and then travelled to Ayrith?


@Kung It does, i said in the backstory that he arrived in harboria which is a port town, we even have it ingame


Is it outside the ditch then?


yes in an exclave

i plan to add it to the map


Added to the RP group.




what does that mean not to bugg in or anything but i just saw the word which was mostly used to yell at people not following youre own religion and you did put it was race


i guess its sort of another way to say outcast, but to be honest, Mxl suggested it and i thought it sounded cool so thats why i stuck with that lol


its not my place to judge but you could go with northman eastling or some like that insted and yes the word is awesome


i mean the name of the species doesnt really matter that much, its not gonna effect rp so im not really that fussed about it, plus thinking lore wise, people porbably started calling my race that since they are different and dont follow their religion