[RP Character] Sylvic Helveg, The Stormcaller


Sylvic Helveg, The Stormcaller



As a young lad Sylvic was raised in a small tribe caring for the peoples frost wolves and concocting remedies for the local people as he was described as being very in-touch with nature at a young age. Sylvic’s family all died at a young age, each being knocked out honourably through various wars over time. Out of respect and valour he now wears the skin of his fathers frost wolf as a hood over his armour, believing this will help him tap into his fathers great primal rage when in combat

Later Life
At an older age Sylvic showed promise of shamanism, spotted by the tribes oracle at the time but as his siblings were returned to the all mother (they died) duties were rested upon his shoulder - making him the first chieftain and town shaman. This promise gave him an unexpected foresight and judgement when making decisions that possibly put lives on the line. It is also believed that this is why the tribe survived so long after suffering such losses in battle which eventually turned then into migrants, searching for other peoples land that they could claim for their own.

Leader of clan Greymane
One of the founders of Vas’Volsung
The astral walker (heh)

As the new tribe leader his sole purpose is to better and improve the life of his kin, meaning others will always be second rate. However some have grown close offering great advantage to both sides in the form of friendship and trade. While others have tried to cross the Greymane’s… their deceits did not last long.


  • Crescera (Overworld):
    The Greymane presences is purely based in the overworld in which they call Terra, as they believe that the alternative worlds were created as punishment for those who mistreat the one true land, as most of them are barren wastelands with no source of sustainability as well as the demons that lurk within them. This is one of the main reasons that the Nordic tribes treat Terra with such respect and do little to damage the terrain - in fact in some cases have been known to hunt down those to abuse the realm for personal benefit, they are seen as nothing other than parasites that need to be vanquished.

Physical Apperance
Sylvic, The Stormcaller stands at a height of 5ft 9 with a bulky appearance that is hardly ever seen as furs and other garments are normally worn to entrap the flesh - not allowing the harsh cold climate to affect ones well being or ability to fight in combat. In skin is decorated in ribbons of scars that he sees as accomplishments, whether they were received through training or combat he is still standing. Training wounds are common in the Greymane tribe as unlike other packs everyone is trained to be a warrior, regardless of job - so you could be a farmer and still be the fiercest champion in the land. Restrictions are shunned upon and it is a belief that anyone can succeed as long as they are willing.

His favourite weapons are axes and other easy to get items, this comes from as mentioned earlier that anyone is a warrior which can create problems for blacksmiths having to create a set of tools as well as swords or related blades for everyone. There isn’t a preference on types of armour, its more so whatever he and his pack can obtain. Some may call them scavengers but they prefer resourceful.

General Personality
Because of his current old age he has a gruff and threatening appearance that some may find terrorising or interrogating. Instead it comes from years of experience learning that formalities are a waste of time and instead one should cut straight to the point and so actions can be taken quicker. Apart from the previously stated Sylvic has a strong care for his friends and the land around him, willing to do most things in order to preserve them in life or in death.

After going through his rites of passage he was contacted by the all mother, pleased with his work and morals she blessed his own mothers pendant that he wears around his neck - along with various teeth from beasts he has slain and deceased pets. This enchanted pendant allows him to transform into most natural beings, his favourite being a wolf as he can run and hunt with his packs pets, fulfilling the excitement of the hunt. As he ages and as he slays more and more foes of Terra he is blessed with more forms, rewards from the all mother for fulfilling their duties and wrath.

Because of his shamanistic traits he is also an adept healer when it comes to things thought incurable - such as the deadliest poisons from the greatest of beasts or as simple as grave wounds.

Regardless of magic and the arcane arts he still sticks to his ancestors roots and is an worthy opponant in basic combat, good enough to rally men and train them into the most elite of warriors, given the name of Murderfang Reavers

Because of his old age he has become slow in comparison to the younger youth of the world making him a less energetic opponent with less finesse. The scars that brand him also act as an anchor, making his muscles less flexible and his flesh weaker than if he were to be in peak condition. After all he is only mortal.
Sylvics druidism forms also follow the same principle, he can still be wounded and if anything is more susceptible to damage by other people or animals thinking he is prey. The morphs also consume a large amount of his energy based on his age and the intensity of the tole it takes on the body. Not only the body is at risk but also the mind. If Sylvic were to take on a form too long the animal instincts of the set forms he has been blessed with can corrupt his mind and make him more beast than man, destroying him forever

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