[RP Character] Spencer Xeroff


Name: Spencer Xeroff

Age: 19


Upbringing Spencer was born in a small Iceorian village. He was always very curious, as he grew up he started wandering around more and exploring. When he was older he took off from his home village in search of new land. He walked for miles, eventually renting. As he mapped his journeys he decided to go north, as he thought there might be interesting things there. On his way he stopped through many villages, sheltering through the dark hours and replenishing his energy. The farther north he got the colder. Eventually he started seeing mountains and ginormous ice spikes coming out of the ground. Finally it was getting too hard to travel any farther, he kept trying to progress but couldn’t. He finally came across a magnificent place, “The Northern Realm”. He took shelter there for a week or two when he realized how amazing the place was. Whilst shopping for bread rolls so he wouldn’t die of starvation, he came across a man named Lord Gerrey Kodi. A familiar name but he couldn’t recognize where he knew it from. As the days carried on he became friends with the Lord. (OOC: Don’t know what else to put right now so ill leave it at that)

Northern Realm


  • Crescera (Overworld): Living
  • Taurios (Nether): Has visited
  • Nemisan (The End): Has visited
  • Empyrean (SkyBlock): Nothing
  • Aequus (Plots): Nothing

Physical Apperance
On the skinny side of things, around 5’10 with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. His hair is styled in a curvy fashion to the left to hide his huge forehead.


General Personality
Very adventurous and curious. Kind to many, Pretty calm most of the time but can get very energetic

He is almost always kind to new faces, but despite his hyperactivity he sometimes comes off as a weird fellow.

-Experienced archer and mapper.

  • Short attention span/bored easily
    -Bad at close range combat.

[Tier III RP Faction] Northern Realm

The people in the villages he passed thru always gaped in awe. Never before has they seen such a monstrously strong traveller, carrying his horse in one shoulder and his knapsack on the other. Spencer became quite popular with the ladies…




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Not a bad start to your character. Could do with some additional detail, but it’s enough to get you started with RP episodes if you wish?




hey, @Spencer82605 time to finish this perhaps? I’ve been waiting to find out what happens to you for ages!