[RP CHARACTER] Rowan Denaver


Name : Rowan Denaver
(Row-an Den-ah-ver)

Age : 830 years old, looks about 38 years

Species : Avian/Human


When Realm of Allura was in it’s early years, a man by the name of Sev had escaped his homeland. He had done the unspeakable and had a child with a human who’s name he has long forgotten. She had given him a small baby, wrapped in a violet coloured blanket. She had asked him to arrive at the lake in a forest long since cut down. Said it was urgent. Sev had not understood the dangers until he had arrived at the lake. His lover had given him the baby and urged him to run but he did not want to. The woman had pleaded, warning of her town’s people and their quest to find the baby.

With a heavy heart, Sev had left, spreading his wings and taking flight. He did not have anything with him but the clothes on his back. He had flown far from the woman and her town. He didn’t dare look back, knowing he would try to take the woman with him. Sev had flown for quite some time, trying to get somewhere safe. Many times did he want to return and save his lover but he could not. For the sake of the baby, he had to fly. Fly and never look back.

Sev had arrive in the Realm of Allura, tired and scared. He did not know where he was. He had seen a village in the distance and had started to walk towards it. Villagers dressed in light but cool clothing had seen him. Intrigued that had tried to talk to Sev. To their surprise and worry, Sev had collapsed in front of them. He was tired and his wings were damaged. The villagers had helped Sev and the baby into the priest’s home.

They had taken care of Sev as best they could. Despite their efforts, Sev was dying of old age and wounds that even they could not treat. He had awoken during one night, startling the two villagers watching over him and the baby. He had stood, ignoring the villager’s requests to lay down. Walking to the crib that held his baby, he had spoken softly.The baby had woken up from the noise but he did not cry. Sev had smiled sadly, knowing he wouldn’t be able to teach his son how to use his wings or how to use magic. He had quietly told the villagers that the boy would be named Rowan, after the tree his lover adored so much. He had also told them his full name, so that Rowan could have his last name. Sev Denaver.

Sev had then moved back to the bed, laying down. The baby had started to cry but it sounded distant to him. He had died quietly and peacefully, two of the villagers he’d come to admire having stayed by his side, Rowan in the arms of one. the poor baby had started to cry when his far died that night.

Rowan went on to grow up with many generations of the villagers. He’d come to admire how they all beared the desert heat while he would sweat to not end. The villagers doubts about raising the boy had diminished as the centuries passed. They had not been able to teach Rowan how to use his wings but they had taught him many skills of how to survive. The blacksmith of each generation had helped teach him how to fight with a sword.

Rowan had not enjoyed it so the blacksmith had taught him archery. He had found that was much more to his style and thus, asked the blacksmith to make him a bow. The bow was made within two months. It looked like a standard bow but through the entire bow, sprials a mix of dark brown and black curled around it. Rowan adored the bow and he still carries it with him.

He had eventually grown bored of staying in his village. So, Rowan had asked the elder villager is he could leave. The elder was saddened but she knew she could not keep him. Avians were never meant to stay still for long. She had allowed him to leave and, on the day of his departure, had given him a small, gold harp and a messenger bag to carry it. The elder had told Rowan that it was tradition to give those who leave one.

After his final goodbyes, Rowan had walked off into the desert in search of faraway lands.


Faction Allegiance(s) :

The Northern Realm


  • Crescera (Overworld): Residant
  • Taurios (Nether): Visitation
  • Nemisan (The End): Visitation
  • Empyrean (SkyBlock): None
  • Aequus (Plots): None

Physical Apperance



Bow: https://i.imgur.com/ajkmdUe.jpg
Harp: https://imgur.com/lIpMG46

General Personality

He’s a silent archer with no real connection to possible family. Rowan doesn’t know of his homeland so he constantly feels out of place. Might explain why he’s so silent all the time. He won’t trust anyone, despite how kind they may seem. Rowan can be found in the home he’s made in the mountains and sometimes high up in trees. He often plays his harp and doesn’t mind if people come to listen.Touching his wings will result in a good kick to the knee and an elbow to the back unless he trusts the person enough. If one gains his trust and friendship, he’ll fight anyone who thinks of hurting the person.


  • Archery
  • Skilled in interior design
  • Observant
  • Harsh interrogator (can be a bit too harsh)
  • Wings can whip up powerful winds but for a short period of time (gets very exhausted afterwards so a flaw too?)
  • Can withstand rather cold temperatures (avians generally live up in high mountains)


  • Untrusting to new people but a bit too trusting of those he knows well
  • Secluded
  • Too silent, even during conversatons
  • Cannot hide his wings, thus he isn’t good with sneaking around
  • Workaholic but has periods where work is near nonexistant
  • Even if he’s injured, he may likely refuse help

[Tier III RP Faction] Northern Realm

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