[RP Character] Prince Samuell Lancaster


Samuell Barnard Lancaster



Born as the first son to the High King of Kaldaross, Samuell was raised inside Keldoria’s grand palace, given the highest education that the Kingdom could offer, as a young man seeking adventure, experience and glory, he joined the Kaldarossian Army, starting from the lowest rank he could enlist as possible. Throughout his early 20’s the Prince climbed through the military ranks, eventually working up to the highest position possible in the Kaldarossian Army.

During his childhood, the General spent most of his time studying whatever he could, sneaking into the restricted parts of the royal library when he could to read foreign texts and learn all about the military tactics of the world and of the past.

Prince Samuell, High Lord & General of the Kaldarossian Army

Kingdom of Kaldaross


Physical Apperance

Flintlock Pistol
Ebonsteel Pike
Ebonsteel Shortsword

General Personality
Samuell is a kind but stern soul, he’s often quiet and only speaks when he feels it necessary, due to his academic intellect and overall wisdom above others in various situations, Samuell finds himself being the man to go to for advice and a man to listen to in terms of strategic planning, due to his renown as a spectacular Leader, Fighter, Ally and Strategist, Samuell has climbed his way to the top of the military and now commands the great armies of Kaldaross. Whilst a lot of power has been bestowed upon Samuell, he remains calm and modest, fair and wise, even when under immense pressure.

Samuell has been recognised across the kingdom as the best swordsman in Kaldaross, and among some of the best in the North, whilst he does not possess any magical abilities, he makes up for it with his fast wit, agility and physical strength.

The Prince is also known for his strategic prowess, though he has not been in any large scale wars or battles, his Kaldarossian defence plans and his quick thinking during small scale battles is second to no man in Kaldaross.

To make sure that his movement is never hindered in battle the High Lord only focuses to protect his limbs with strong armour, whilst he acknowledges that this leaves his torso open to fatal injury he seems confident that his abilities in the battlefield make up for his vulnerability.

Due to Samuell’s quiet nature throughout life, many people would say that the Prince has slowly started to shy away from the public, spending all/most of his time studying in private or taking over the duties of diplomats to get away from Kaldoria every now and then, because of his constant hiding from the world he consistently leaves his fellow royals concerned about the future of the Royal bloodline.

[RP Character] High King Gerardus Lancaster II

Excellent choice of weaponry :’)