[RP Character] Lord Gerrey Kodí


Gerrey Lotuk Kodí

Early 30’s


Gerrey Lotuk Kodí was born into the royal family of the iceori empire as the youngest of 5 children, during the late Obugo era, 19 years before the doom of the world of Onomok. During his childhood, he was rarely seen in the castle, but tended to drift off into the chaos of streets that was the captial city, Vatúreo. As he grew, so did his fame amongst the people. Not many nobles took him very seriously, as he was known for a bit of a clown, but the common folk loved him.

Close to his 210th lunar anniversary, the Gate of Domogoc* appeared for the first time, and by the time he approached his 230th, the doom was a fact. When Gerreys older brother, Esto, was slain during the defense of a bridge north of the empire, the young iceori became king. The clown of his young days was gone. Seeing the destruction of the dead he decided to flee, along with his people. Sending half of his men to aid a foreign nation on the verge of destruction from the enemy, the other half marched north to stall the enemy for as long as possible. The fleet was readied and before the foreign nation fell, the iceori were by the shores to take the survivors. He never commanded them towards the famous Gate of Meji*, but steered his people towards open ocean.

Gerrey and his people was at sea for months, and they didn’t realise the fact that they’d hit a portal mid-water until they came ashore in the small village of Ryefork. There Gerrey met a man (later revealed to be Felkros Agetos) who told him all about the world they were in, and about the group of people in the north he and his brother led. He even suggested for the iceori followed him back, to settle there as labourers. This group was of people called themselves the altori. Having no place to go in this new world, Gerrey accepted the mans proposal. After quickly seizing control over the village, to have a backup home base, which they renamed to Qhionfort, Gerrey left his sister Isi with a group of his people to build a home base from it in case he failed to procure land for them.

After a few weeks at sea the temperatures lowered slightly, and not before long, the ships hit land. They continued on foot for a few days, and found themselves in the altori province of Rosewater. They were greeted by the Lord of Rosewater himself, and despite the limited amount they were able to communicate, their intensions were cleared, and they were permitted to camp for the night in the woods east of the city, provided that no trees were harmed.

During the following councils, Gerrey spoke many men men, including his king-to-be, Inceptus Agetos, and the other altori Lords. Despite some concern from the unaridan Lord, Bern Keris, Gerrey eventually managed to convince the council to let him and his people settle in the northern province, Avirock, where the treacherous mountains made work rather dangerous. The iceori, under the leadership of Gerrey and a skilled iceori architect named Gabe Jemycen, built entire parts of the Dragonspine castle. The Lord of Avirock, Confur Burdyn, even gifted him and the iceori to build their own keep in the eastern part of the province, which, considering how far they’d travelled, and how far away from everything else they were, they called Rot Itiv (Man’s End in Rayiti).

During the next decade the iceori settled down and got mixed up with the altori. Gerrey, however, had little to think about, other than making the local farms deliver their yearly harvest and keep the walls of his fortress up. He was a Lord after all, yet this honor came from Burdyn himself, rather than the king, who seemed to have disappeared, making Gerrey only a common bannerman. He quickly became one of the Vassals favourites, and this did not change when Confur drew his last breath. His son, Ferus, often visited Rot Itiv when he needed a place to think. When Avirock was attacked by the royal army during the civil war, it was Gerrey that he sent to Wyvernsdale for help.

The councils decision to send him and Lord Shonor of Blackwood north to command their forces together, was a big moment for Gerrey, and after the battle of Tiqemi, he was elected as new Lord of Avirock, due to Burdyns lack of an heir. He has since almost rebuilt the ruins of his province, and is currently working on completing Ferus’ lives work, The Gate Keep and The Northern Canal. Since his Lordship granted him to live in Dragonspine, he has left Rot Itiv in the hands of the iceori House Jemycen, something which caused a minor uproar in Avirock, where some feel threatened by the great iceori influence. All three fortifications in Avirock are held by iceori houses, and many naval officers are now iceori, but lately the Lord has been made aware of the dislike of the altori population, and he intends to keep both parties happy. Only time can tell how this goes.


  • Leader of the iceori
  • Vassal of King Muzzwall Frostwither of Wyvernsdale
  • Lord of the Northern Realm province of Avirock

His loyalty lies with his people, the iceori, thereby his loyalty has lain with the various nation under whom his people served, such as the now disintergrated, Iceor Empire, or the likewise nonexistent Altor Empire. Since the altori revolution his people live in The Northern Realm, a country consisting of the great altori houses that once rallied together and formed the altori rebels.**


  • Crescera (Overworld): Residency
  • Taurios (Nether): Visitation, Industrial
  • Nemisan (The End): Visitation, Trading
  • Empyrean (SkyBlock): None
  • Aequus (Plots): None

Physical Apperance
Kodís shoulder-long, dark brown hair that is tied together in a bushy pony tail, reaching to his shoulder blades, combined with his thin, long mustache and piercing green eyes, make the Lord a frightening sight, not only in battle. His high elevation on the horseback is increased by his almost seven feet tall figure.


General Personality
Kodí has a rather wild temper, meaning that he can be both reckless and ruthless. But his people is his gem and his highest allegiance is to them alone.

He is a loyal friend, who used to be faithful to the altori diarchs, all until the Mad King sought to destroy the nation, causing the uprise of Wyverndale, and in the kings betrayal of his people, Kodí as well. Since then, he serves under the new king Muzzwall Frostwither, who has accepted him and his people to settle in the mountains known as Dragonspine, in the province Avirock.

Despite his temper however, he does not seek war, but seeks to make diplomatic solutions whenever possible, and spends much of his time during peace to form diplomatic connections with others to ensure the continuity of the previously mentioned peace. Despite his appearance, Kodí is a thinker, rather than a brute. He engulfs knowledge wherever he can find any, and uses what he knows to always get an upper hand in whatever situation he may find himself in (which obviously fails on occasion). When in deep thought, he can be rather hard to read.


  • Has a vast knowledge and a great web of contacts
  • A skilled archer and fierce on horseback
  • A loyal friend that always has ones back
  • An entrepreneur, constantly developing new ways to improve the lives of both himself, his family, and the people he watches over.


  • Arrogant due to his knowledge, which he sometimes overrates
  • Big size slows him down in battle, making him rather lousy when it comes to close range combat
  • Has a short fuse
  • Can be manipulative
  • Sea Sickness tendency

*Nhi Soni uj Domogoc, or The Black Gate, was a gargantuan archway, which released the wrath of the Onomok equivilent of Tauros. Every time it appeared, hordes of undead spread like wildfire across the nations. Thought to be a punishment from “The Creator” (a widely worshiped divinity in Onomok), the people prayed for the other diety, the godess known as “The Guardian” (the creator and the guardian were what, according to the priests of Onomok, kept the worlds in balance) to save them. What was taken as her answer was the portal known as Nhi Soni uj Meji, or The Life Gate. This portal sent people to other worlds, but they never saw each other again, for the worlds they were sent to were not the same.

** During the altori revolution, Kodí and the iceori swore allegiance to king Muzzwall Frostwither, who led the rebellion against the Mad King, and who eventually became the king of the new kingdom in Wyverndale which erupted in the ashes of Altor. This group, once referred to as the altori rebels, is now going under the name of The Northern Realm.

[Tier III RP Faction] Northern Realm

Well well Lord Kodi, may the sun never set on Iceor. Looking forward to the adventures to come


May the sun never set!

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