[RP Character] King Muzwall Frostwither (DEAD)


Character Name: Muzwall Frostwither
Species/Race: Human
Age: Middle Aged
Title: “King”. Prefers “High Lord”.
Faction Allegiance(s):

Northern Realm

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Physical Description: Muzwall is a man of stern complexion, but he smiles occasionally, being only human after all. He is slightly shorter than most men, has brown hair which he keeps swept back, and bright golden eyes. His color of choice for clothing is most often different shades of gray and black, occasionally some white. In battle, he wears a light suit of iron armor and wields a worn diamond longsword…
Personality Description: Muzwall is a man of honor, and has never been known to break his word. He was raised by his father to be a warrior and a ruler and has a very serious outlook on life. He is loyal to his family, and his fellow lords.

  1. Has a lot of practice fighting with a diamond longsword, a family heirloom.
  2. Natural born leader
  3. Patient and understanding
  4. Huge fan of birds in general (mainly because they remind him of dragons)
  5. Can be overly trusting
  6. Doesn’t always agree with his peers
  7. Sometimes he drinks a wee bit too much
  8. Has a sense of justice without mercy (These of course can be strengths too)

Muzwall is the son of Andwall Frostwither, one of the great Altori lords who slew the dragon of Wyvernsdale. He is lord of Wyvernsdale and king of the Northern Realm. One of Muzwall’s odd quirks is his desire for action and adventure, and his recently acquired responsibility as a ruler has severely limited what he can do. So on many occasions he disguises himself and heads out into the world, mainly searching for trouble, acting as a solitary vigilante.

[Tier III RP Faction] Northern Realm

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RIP Muzwall Frostwither. Killed while trying to assassinate his best friend.


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