[RP Character] Ionatan Ferrum AKA The Ambassador


Ionatan Ferrum

Presumed Mid-40s

Presumed Human

Work in Progress




  • Crescera: Residency
  • Taurios: Visitation
  • Nemisan: Visitation
  • Empyrean: Visitation
  • Aequus: Visitation

Physical Apperance
Ionatan has well defined facial features that make him a face you simply cannot ignore or forget. His eyes are a striking blue, that can swiftly transmute between feelings of compassion or irritation. His impressive beard blends marvelously into his woven mane, that almost has a personality of its own; a feature that simply would deem Ionatan unrecognizable unless you shared a close friendship with him. Ionatan’s true personality shines through his eyes and not his head of hair, which acts more like a mask. Ionatan’s beard on occasion allows visibility of his smile, but in a neutral setting it is not uncommon to not see Ionatan’s mouth at all. Ionatan does have an unusual feature where he is sometimes seen with outstretched dragonfly-like wings, that appear to be magical in nature. Ionatan can make these wings appear and disappear at will.

Ionatan is rarely seen wearing any armor, since he avoids conflict as much as possible. Ionatan is however always seen very well dressed. It is not uncommon to see Ionatan wearing a full suit even in hot weather. Even when removing his jacket it is rarer still to see Ionatan without a waistcoat. In colder climates Ionatan may be seen wearing furs over his shoulders, which are usually gifted to him by the nations he visits.

General Personality
Work in Progress

Ionatan is a great diplomat and mediator and has the rare ability to pass through many nations, factions and settlements without question. He is a well known personality within all known worlds of the Realm of Allura, and most treat him with respect and admiration. It is this very skill that gave him the nickname ‘The Ambassador’. Notably Ionatan does not share any faction secrets with anyone, but simply provides advice and assistance to help avoid conflict as much as possible. Due to Ionatan’s magical wings he is able to fly at great speeds, which he uses to travel between nations, and supposedly worlds also.

Ionatan is easily irritated by lack of co-operation or people failing to see the other side, which ironically causes a lot of problems in his presumed duty of conflict resolution. It is not uncommon for Ionatan to need a moment to leave a situation to regather his thoughts before continuing his efforts. Ionatan is very poorly skilled in the act of combat and would sooner flee dangerous situations before involving himself with them.


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