[RP Character] Hyken Wrylis


Character Name: Hyken Wrylis (Hyken Wrylisson; Son of Wrylis)
Species/Race: Human
Age: 96
Title (if applicable): Vargr Ríkir, Old King of Shawdale, The first Guildmaster of Ironclaw
Faction Allegiance(s) (if applicable): Ironclaw, Acturus (Gaslamp?)

Physical Description: Due to his old age and his crippled leg, he is unable to keep his original strength and size, and unable to keep himself upright without a cane. His body, once was muscular slowly fading away with each breath. The silver strands on his head now stood more expressively, covering the entire skull with white silk. His gifted blue eyes progressively grey by day. He’s dying, he is next; he knows.

Personality Description: Like many other nobles in RoA, he is righteous and courageous. An asshole at times but also friendly when engaging in a conversation. But emotionally scarred.

Abilities: Although he is no longer able to sharpen his weapons, he sharpens his mind and quill. Whilst awaiting his death he submerges himself with every history of war, alchemy, astronomy etc. With his mastery over knowledge, he controls the battlefield. He now resides with his seven sons in the Hall of Claws.

Weaknesses: Being significantly old means being significantly weak for Hyken, even breathing hurts as much as having your loved ones gone. Haunted by his past, he is forever scarred by the death of his biological parents, step father, family and Emperor Jonathan of The Vangles Empire.


Bruh, my grandma is 78 and she works her farm like she was 20, no cane xD You must have not been keeping yourself in shape…


Bruh, my grandpa is in his 80s and he’s been on top of our highest mountain more times than i’ve been outside, no cane xD You must have not been keeping yourself in shape…


Well shit, maybe I am not keeping myself in shape. xD


Lol 60 is “significantly old”


ffs, edited… xD


96? Pfffttt… Youngster…


mines dead and could probably stand without a cane


This was supposed to be a sad moment for this topic since he’s about to die, but you guys are all laughing and so am I xD


Ive been alive for over ten fucking centuries and still kick ass in battle. You havent been keeping in shape.


You’re not human though <3


And my RP character (To be released & History to be written) Is probably older than all of you. hint


Awesome, maybe one of us can finally put you to your grave :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good luck with that.


So, Hydroid.
Just to clarify here, if you want to take part in the forum RP, you are going to need to make some changes. Most notably, you are going to need to take out the references to Atlas, we are separating the two sets of lore. if you don’t want to, then this is fine and leave it be. :slight_smile:


Hit me up ; )


I was thinking about killing this character so I could start with a new one, but I just don’t have the guts to kill Hyken. I feel connected to Hyken :smiley:
I think I’ll make a new RP profile but Hyken will be younger. @staff Please close this RP profile, or if you could; delete it :slight_smile: