[RP Character] High King Gerardus Lancaster II


Gerardus Lancaster II




Gerardus Lancaster is the second High King of Kaldaross to hold the name Gerardus Lancaster, after his father. He was alike the others in his family born into royalty, and in comparison to his relatives he was relatively young once he was crowned at the age of 24. As a child, he often ventured into the streets of Keldoria, and many times witnessed poverty and criminality. As he grew older, he decided to take matters into his own hands and create a more equalized society, with social benefits for the poor, to help them back on their feet.

High King, Preserver of the Kaldarossian Realm & Guardian of Peace.

Kingdom of Kadaross


Physical Apperance

Ebonsteel shortsword

General Personality
Gerardus is what a modern person would call a feminist, due to Gerardus’ interests and affiliation towards equality and egalitarianism. His personality shines from his egalitarian principles which has gone down in his families generation for centuries. He is an open-minded and delighted individual. The politics which Gerardus promotes are also highly influenced by his egalitarian and pacifist principles, hence his generous hospitality amongst the common folks.

Gerardus is a highly influenced and educated politician. Seeing as he was crowned High-king at age of 24, he has had a lot of experience within the field of politics. Alongside his political career, he is a loved state figure by the inhabitants, and amongst his allies.

Another key skill of his is warfare tactics, and strategizing. He was in charge of the Kaldarossian army until his son, the Crown Prince Samuell B. Lancaster was appointed High Lord & General of the Kaldarossian Army.


Being a pacifist is not always good. Gerardus has in the recent years become “to peaceful”,and trustfully as described by his closest. During conflicts, his son must often describe the situation multiple times before action is taken by Gerardus, and Samuell even sometimes slaps Gerardus to make him understand the reality of the situation better. Because of this, a bit of untrust have in the recent years began to build regarding whether Gerardus should remain the governing figure or step down.