[RP Character] Garias the Pallid


Name: Garias the Pallid (real name unknown)

Age: Approx. 300

Species: Human (Corrupt)

Upbringing: Garias is the grand son of one of the first settlers who colonized the jungles of Ebonâ and the son of the man who led the cultists in the Purple War. Born two hundred years into the empire’s existence, he is now emperor alongside Xial II.

Role/Title: Emperor, Duke (Former)

Allegiance: Ebongrasp, Dutchy of Ayrith (Former)

Physical Apperance: Garias has deathly pale skin as a result of magical corruption. He has a long dark beard and long dark hair. His eyes glow purple with magic.

Equipment: He wears purple, brown and gray armor with a purple cape. He also wields an enchanted sword forged by the Xials.

General Personality: Garias is very heartless. He cares for a very few things besides his Empire’s growth and Motus.
He is excessively cruel to his enemies and often finds pleasure in the screams of innocents.

Skills: He is a professional swordsman. He has superhuman strength and is comparable in power to a Xial, perhaps a tad weaker.

Flaws: Due to his cruel nature, he often does not think about his actions and endangers those around him for his own gain.

[RP Faction] Empire of Ebongrasp