[RP Character] Garias Menethiel II


Name: Garias Menethiel II

Age: 35-40

Species: Human

Upbringing: A highly religious warrior with many years of training behind him.

Role/Title: King of Ayrith, High Paladin, Pope

Allegiance: Kingdom of Ayrith


  • Crescera (Overworld):

Physical Apperance:

Equipment: Golden & silver knight’s attire with large shoulderpads, a red cape with a golden border, leather gloves and boots.
Weilds his sword known as the ‘‘Flame of Retribution’’.

General Personality: King, caring and loves to have fun, but also ruthless to those who threaten the sanctity of his kingdom and citizens. Very serious when the moment calls for it, otherwise relaxed. Also extremely religious and nationalistic. His own people before any other, unless they are followers of Motus.

Skills: Trained in the arts of a Paladin. Skilled with blades of most kinds, especially two-handed swords. Also skilled in martial arts.

Flaws: His religion and nationalism can cloud his judgement at times. He also has minor anger issues. Very overprotective of his friends and nation as well. He’s also not a very good strategist, as he would rather fight alongside his men.

Backstory: Born to Hector and Tiffany Berghaus Menethiel as the son of the second generation of royalty, Garias recieved his name from his grandfather in his honor. Throughout his childhood, he often got into silly mishaps with his friends. Royal things were boring to him, despite his father pushing things such as studying and belief on him at an early age. It wasn’t until his early teens when he grasped the reality of his role as prince of Ayrith. To his father’s pleasure, he began to take this role seriously. He began his training as a paladin around the age of fourteen. By the time he was sixteen, he was already highly religious.

Things changed quickly for the young prince when his father died when he was eighteen and his mother the following year. He had just completed his training as paladin and he was already crowned king and pope of Ayrith by the ripe age of twenty.

A portrait:

Another portrait:

A young Garias in his late teens:

The Menethiel Family Tree as of currently:


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