[RP Character] Friedrich von Steinfried


Friedrich von Steinfried

Friedrich was taught from an early age how to be a proper steward, like his father before him and all of his ancestors. Born into a cadet branch of the Charkovian royal family he was born into wealth and received great schooling. Being groomed to take care of the summer home of the royals, Steinfried tor. However despite all this Friedrich achieved nothing more than basic litteracy and failed to become the steward his father always wanted him to be. He did however develop a habit of beating the living hell out of people. When the prince (at the time) spent the winter at Steinfried Tor, the soon to be king noticed Friedrichs peculiar talent and took him to the royal palace where he would be groomed for command. During this time the prince and Friedrich became close friends. As time passed he rose through the ranks of the army and soon found himself in the position of chief general. Meanwhile the prince had become king, but not for long as he would soon mysteriously dissapear, leaving no heir. After gaining the support of Charkovian nobility Friedrich suddenly found himself to be regent of the kingdom during his friends absence.
Regent of Charkov, Chief general of the Charkovian armed forces.
The kingdom of Charkov

  • Crescera (Overworld): Residency
  • Taurios (Nether): Visitation
  • Nemisan (The End): Visitation
  • Empyrean (SkyBlock): None
  • Aequus (Plots): None

Physical Apperance
Friedrich is a tall and muscular, the result of many years of harsh training. Unlike most generals Friedrich leads from the front rather than from a tent at the back of the battle, making him battle scarred but experienced. He has the typical Charkovian traits of blonde hair and blue eyes. He has scars all over his back, torso and a rather big cut on his face running from his forehead to his mouth cutting a nasty line through his face.
Unlike the regular nobility Friedrich does not like wearing fine clothing prefering a sturdy tunic. He rarely ever leaves the castle without his heavy plate armour on which is mostly black with golden lining. While not skilled with ranged weapons he is an excellent sword fighter and wields a large two handed sword made out of the finest steel and with a golden/ruby hilt.

General Personality
While most people see a fierce loyalty and a trusting nature as good traits, they do not aid Friedrich in matters of court and he often makes the mistake of trusting the wrong people. He is sometimes perceived as a little rough around the edges but makes for a loyal friend and ally. However when in battle he enters a crazed frenzy killing every enemy in sight and not stopping untill his blonde hair is dyed a dark red from the blood of the enemies he killed.

  • Swordplay
  • Commanding armies
  • Overly trusting
  • Often guided by his heart rather than his mind
  • Bad with words


May you find the path, general!