[RP Character] Davos Crowport


Name Davos Crowport
Age 23
Species Human

Upbringing Davos was born into the Rosewater royal family. Davos was never expected to end up as lord while his uncle Sieger Crowport ruling Rosewater. Feeling useless in Rosewater Davos decided to leave Rosewater and hunt and kill dragons. He grew up in Rosewater seeing how dragons terrorized the lands and decided to put a stop to it once. But when the Altori rebellion began Davos had to put his dragon hunting on pause to help defeat the mad king. After the war Davos became the rightful heir to the throne of Rosewater. Now Davos is in a struggle, stay loyal to his people and be lord of Rosewater, or pursue his dreams of hunting dragons.
Role/Title Lord Crowport/DragonSlayer
Allegiance Rosewater and the Northern Realm

  • Crescera (Overworld): Residency
  • Taurios (Nether): heard about it
  • Nemisan (The End): heard only legends
  • Empyrean (SkyBlock): none
  • Aequus (Plots): none

Physical Apperance https://imgur.com/a/0riUe
Equipment Davos carried with himself his trusty bow with him everywhere, accompanied by a small but dangerous hunting knife

General Personality Davos is trusting, very loyal to his people but will do anything to achieve his own personal goals, he is adaptable to any situation and tolerant. Davos is also very humble when it comes to his rank due to his poor upbringing, but doesn’t mind boosting about hunting dragons. Enjoys starting fights with people and drinking but very disrespectful of others religions.
Skills Davos is skilled with a bow, rarely missing his target if he can concentrate, he’s also an excellent survivalist and hunter allowing him to live in the wild for many days, Davos is a good fisherman having learned from the sailors at the Rosewater docks, he is also stealthy as a fox, managing to sneak around without making a sound.
Flaws Davos never got the hang of horse riding, he is rather unorganized and even though he’s an excellent survivalist he gets lost very easily. Doesn’t know when to stop can take things too far. a bit insensitive and goes right to the truth.

[Tier III RP Faction] Northern Realm

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