[RP Character] Cyrus Falkov and M.A.R.I


Cyrus Falkov (aka That Smartass Bastard) and M.A.R.I (Merge-able Augmented Real Intelligence).

29 and 25 respectively.

Eyrite (Human from Eyri Prime) and RI (Real Intelligence)

Upbringing (Cyrus Falkov): Born premature, he had a severe deformity on his right arm. Thankfully the doctors acted quickly and removed it, replacing it with a cybernetic one. This and the death of his mother during childbirth bankrupted his father, who ended up working for Axcom, who agreed to saddle the debt in exchange for indentured labour. The nature of his father’s work with Axcom resulted in the family relocating, sometimes monthly, to various places around Eyri Prime. This resulted in Cyrus not maintaining friends, as they were simply something he would have to let go of again. He never saw much of his father due to his difficult work patterns, in essence, growing up mostly alone.

He spent most of his educational life being taught at Axcom facilities and when he graduated, he signed up to the company that had been his life. He quickly breezed through the basic training, deciding to sign up with the Exploration Corp as, hey, you only live once and there is a hell of a lot to see.

Upbringing (M.A.R.I): Born Maria Norcross. Her initial life was fairly normal by Eyrite standards for her early upbringing. However, at the young age of 5, as her family were travelling for a meal out together to celebrate the fathers promotion, they were involved in a collision, killing both of her parents. She was rushed to hospital, miraculously surviving, but gravely wounded. Her story would have ended there, if a representative from Axcom hadn’t found her and suggested her for a new initiative to preserve people beyond life. Struggling to find another way to keep her alive and no family left to contact, the medical professionals turned her over to their care.

This revolutionary new method of preservation took her still capable mind and transferred it into a digital format, including personality. However, this process was not quite perfect and resulted in a colder, more stoic mind. Still, the process worked and using the newly named M.A.R.I. as a pioneer, continued to work on the process. M.A.R.I. was given access to the wider digital network, allowing and encouraging her to learn and study.

Upbringing (Shared): It was during these training years that Cyrus and M.A.R.I. first began to interact with each other and began to form an unusual kinship. Cyrus continued to study, though the two would often prefer the company of each other and their shared curiosity, over that of other people. By the time of graduation, the two were close friends.
A highly experimental (and controversial) proposal was put forward to establish a permanent mental link between the two, allowing them to share thoughts and what their senses could perceive. AXCOM managed to navigate the legal web against the procedure, and the two minds were connected. After an initial adjustment period to receiving two sets of sensory information, the duo were dispatched into Eyri Prime to explore.

The two often picked the most challenging environments and missions, enjoying the task set at hand to them, exploring areas many feared to tread. In a world with an overpopulation problem, they often found themselves far away from anyone else. A few years of this passed, until an unprecedented opportunity arose, to explore an entirely new world, The Great Expedition. The duo applied and were interviewed to join. In his interview with Captain Von Pommen, she noted she had never seen anyone with 8 letters of recommendation from former superiors, let alone with 3 of those recommending against them. The duo were accepted onto the mission, thus bringing them to Allura.

Contracted Explorers for Axcom Industries

Axcom Industries, though they are also a full citizen of Mon-Taizon also.


  • Crescera (Overworld): Resident
  • Taurios (Nether): Visitation
  • Nemisan (The End): Visitation, former Resident
  • Empyrean (SkyBlock): None
  • Aequus (Plots): None
  • Eyri Prime: Former Resident

Physical Apperance

Tall and of moderate build, he is pale skinned like most Eyrites, who spend their lives with no sun exposure (there is no sun on Eyri Prime). His features are sharp features, with medium length, medium brown hair and a preference to be clean shaven. His eyes are cybernetic; opting for the sky blue models and are clearly unnatural to anyone who takes a moment to actually look.
His entire right arm has been replaced by a cybernetic one, which he has had in one form or another since he was young. The arm is covered in clean white ceramic plating and is balanced to be the same weight as his other, to prevent lopsided growth. The arm is very resistant to physical damage, comes with a limited function particle projector, allowing it to generate a small shield and a holographic viewer in the palm.

As M.A.R.I. is a programme, she is technically formless, existing as a data stream, rather than as a physical entity. However, she possesses the ability to inhabit electronic devices, effectively serving as the brain inside of them. Her current form of choice is a drone unit that can sit on the back of a humanoid, serving as a sort of automated backpack. The drone unit is made of the same material as Cyrus’s arm, making the drone quite light. She can see, hear and talk on its own, though she rarely makes use of the last one.
The drone unit is capable of maintaining flight for itself for long periods of time and comes equipped with its own Particle Emitter and an enhanced Material Assessor, granting it similar functions to that of Cyrus, but giving it a broader range or sensors and analytical tools than Cyrus possesses on his own.

Cyrus’s outfit is designed for field usage, opting for mobility over protection. As a base layer, he wears a form fitting jump suit, providing an airtight layer which protects him from environmental factors, such as temperature and a limited protection against pressure.
He wears a black chest plate that serves to protect his vital organs, while serving as a power source for the various other pieces of equipment he carries on his being. He also wears a black gauntlet on the left hand and lower arm, protecting the exposed section. His matching black boots, while also armoured, come equipped with thrusters in the base, providing a jump boost or quick burst of speed for movement. Cyrus has been trained how to use them effectively on both feet. Combined with M.A.R.I. they can allow for short bursts of flight. He also possesses a black helmet, designed with breathing gear and a heads up display to show information gathered by either himself or M.A.R.I. Over all of this, he wears a long white coat, which serves as a field lab coat, providing an additional layer of protection.
He carries two main tools to assist him, a separate particle emitter, in the form of an extendable rod and a material manipulator, shaped in the form of a strange gun. The particle Emitter serves many functions, being a long lasting light source, a projector, a high powered cutting device and another power source. The particles emitted can take numerous forms, allowing it to make constructs as well. The Material Assessor is a potent scanning device equipped with an array of finely tuned instruments, allowing for advanced information on anything it scans. It does have limited offensive capability in the form of charged bolts, which can be used to stun and taser individuals, though this takes time to charge and is not its intended purpose.

General Personality
Eccentric, adventurous and nosey, Cyrus loves getting stuck into a mystery and is somewhat of a thrill seeker. It takes a hell of a lot to faze him and is used to highly unusual situations. He can turn from joking to serious on a dime and often flips between the two frequently in the same conversation, which some find unnerving. He has a great desire to discover as much as he can. New sights, smells, experiences. Knowledge is both a tool and a passion for him, believing it will not only enrich the life, but better guide it to.
Although technically genderless, M.A.R.I. has chosen to adopt the female preference, to match the gender she had when she was organic. She is distinctly more stoic than Cyrus, often acting as the calmer element in the two. Where Cyrus would rush in, she would ponder the situation more closely. This more cautious approach has served the duo well, sometimes saving their lives. She isn’t without a more human side to her personality though. She shares an inquisitive nature with Cyrus, but tends to approach things more methodically. She is arguably the more intelligent of the pair, but is also more reserved in her thoughts, lacking the bluntness and openness of Cyrus.
Both struggle to understand people who willingly choose to remain ignorant, by not attempting to learn otherwise and one of their greatest frustrations is dealing with people who think they know better, but clearly don’t. Arrogance, born from stupidity, is painful to deal with.
However, despite the confident, seemingly carefree exterior, good intentions and a kind heart can be found buried beneath. Both share a soft spot for the downtrodden, the broken and hurt, reflected in their own life experiences and deeply despise cruelty.

Skilled investigators with a well-rounded and developed knowledge in most fields. The duo possesses a knack for finding solutions and answers where many would have given up. Their natural inquisitiveness means they rarely settles for the status-quo and it’s difficult to slip stuff past them while they is paying attention.
Due to the nature of Eyri Prime, Eyrites have improved interpretation of objects in 3 dimensional spaces and have a much greater tolerance for rapid shifts in orientation and view, making them far less prone to dizziness. Cyrus’s training as a reconnaissance agent means they generally approach combat with a “if you can get out, do” approach, but they is no slouch in a fight either.
Their permanent mind link is not obvious to anyone from the outside at a glance, though some do find the seeming lack of visible communication between the two, yet complete understanding and synchronisation a little…odd.
M.A.R.I. currently occupies a drone unit, which comes equipped with its own set of instruments and is capable of surveying and defence. It can attach to Cyrus’s back, functioning as a sort of jetpack and combat assistant.

Cyrus can get carried away with his own curiosities, to the point of recklessness. They have landed him in hot water on occasions, on one occasion, “accidently” consuming poison, because that glazed pastry looked damned delicious alright? He generally lack patience and hates “dilly dallying and making small talk”, which typically puts him at odds with nobles, who find his lack of decorum at best taxing, at worst, an insufferable offence. He is no diplomat and tends to speak his mind quite openly.
Both have deep difficulty forming emotional attachments to people around them; with the only beings each other would truly call a friend is the other. This has led them to unintentionally hurt people around themselves with their disregard, much to their own horror when they finds out.
As residents from Eyri Prime, many of the simpler elements of life in the Realm of Allura are completely alien to them, often resulting in some miscommunication between Cyrus and others. They are completely unable to use magic and magical artefacts in any capacity, lacking even the slightest inclination as to how to use them.


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