[RP Character] Capt. Nate (Redone)


Real Name
Nathaniel Flint

Capt. Nate, Nate Dawg, Nate the Great, or simply Nate.


Anthropomorphic Penguin

Marital Status

Captain of the Albatross, a pirate airship. Founder of the Gaslamp Society. Builder, Architect, Painter, Diplomat.


6’ 1”

140 Ibs (63 kg)

Physical Appearance

Nate is an emperor penguin. He is tall and slim, but heavy with muscled fins, his eyes are brown and empathetic but he can hold a cold stare if he needs to. His natural coat is mostly black and white, with orange and yellow chest feathers. Aside from a series of scars around his neck, which he is self conscious about, he would consider himself modestly good looking, though he finds his self worth in his achievements and personality. He has cybernetic enhancements to his body including robotic hands.


When he was just a nestling, Nate was taken away from his nesting grounds at a cold glacier in an unknown location, by a man named Rubeus Flint. Flint was a master builder, explorer and scientist, and was known well in the Obscura dimension, a magical and technologically advanced dimension away from Allura, with many steampunk characteristics. Flint didn’t just capture the baby penguin to keep as a pet, he wanted to create something from it. His goal was to give intelligence and awareness to it by altering its genetics.

After many experiments on fully grown penguins, he realized he needed to implant the altered genetics into the pregnant mother’s egg and the hatched chick would acquire the abilities to think and learn like a human. He named the first successful specimen Nate. Somehow the genetics also allowed Nate to grow at a normal human rate, letting him live longer and learn much faster, and he did. Nate grew up to realize that Flint had only used him for experimental purposes, flint had taught him all his knowledge about engineering, and building, and had kept him around to slave away in his lab.

Nate escaped back to the ocean, only to find that his species was not as intelligent, or conscious as him and he could never live amongst them. He was a penguin though, with penguin traits, which included limited physical capabilities, so he used the vast knowledge gained from Flint and created cybernetic parts to enhance himself, including robotic hands controlled by his brain, amongst other enhancements. He wandered for years in the cities, looking to find a purpose. People were scared to approach him, some were eager to capture and display him in the circus, and others simply wanted to destroy him, believing he was an unnatural abomination.

But Nate prevailed, he managed to find a place on a naval crew as a first mate, due to his intelligence and natural instincts for traveling the high seas. The crew was reluctant to take orders not only from a newly recruited navy soldier, but a mutated penguin! Once they were in unclaimed ocean territory, they framed Nate of planning a mutiny on the ship, and the captain ordered that he be held in custody, and sent to the mainland to hang. On the way to their destination, the naval ship came under attack by a pirate ship. The crew held them off but not for long, and the pirates began to board the ship, killing the entire crew but leaving the navy’s prisoner, Nate.

They released the penguin from his binds, and were amazed when they heard him speak, Nate asked that they spare his life in return for his loyal service on their crew. They agreed, and slowly but surely Nate rose through their ranks and seated himself as captain of his own ship, the Albatross. The Albatross was not a typical sea faring ship, but a flying airship! His men were the most feared and ferocious crew ever encountered and they and other pirate crews vowed to follow Nate and overthrow the corrupt high societies that rule the civilized world and oppress the everyday people. This alliance between the pirates and Nate became known as the Gaslamp Society.


Gaslamp Society


  • Crescera (Overworld): Residency
  • Taurios (Nether): Visitation
  • Nemisan (The End): Visitation
  • Empyrean (SkyBlock): Residency
  • Aequus (Plots): Residency


Nate is rarely without his blue-shaded protective goggles and hand crafted wings. He also owns a special fishing rod “super rod” of his own making which he fishes with in his spare time.

General Personality

Sometimes perceived as brandish, he is often showing off his latest creations, proud as ever, even if it fails to impress. Despite this trait, his worst fear is that he’ll come off arrogant, since he loves creating and sharing but is secretly anxious in all social settings. His sense of humor can be an acquired taste, but he’s able to find laughter in even the worst situations. Despite being brought up by a wealthy engineer, his living conditions were far from comfortable, he was forced to study and practice all hours of every day and slave away in his masters lab. Because of this he possesses a mind to invent and create but can never truly be satisfied.


  • Visual Arts
  • Building
  • Planning
  • Diplomacy
  • Agility


  • Sometimes uncompromising.
  • Weak in unarmed combat.
  • Terrible at multi-tasking.


How does Cap’n Nate do all these things…with his flippers?


Also do penguins live through their 20’s?


lol flippers are much more flexible than you think, and yes we are a long living species in Allura (magic).


Irl shot of Cap’n Nate stopping his fall with his flexible flippers


Finesse my friend, thats what it looks like ^


I love how accurate you’ve made your character Nate. I’m just going to go ahead and add you to the RP Group, because well… It would be a crime of you not to play out that character of yours. :wink:


Good thing you don’t explode either. That’d be bad. X3


The species on this planet are simply fascinating. Oh, and charming. :wink:


Lol thanks guys <3


How does this work with flippers xD but hey nice character!


Lol I use special mechanical gloves powered with the synapses in my brain


He can talk… yet no-one is questioning that? Lol.


Good point. The penguin does talk


Lol I may be the only one of the penguin race in allura but you just wait, more will come I know it!


Nah, there are plenty. There just aren’t good enough sailors to reach where they’re located. :wink: