[RP Character] Camriann Annor


Name: Camriann Annor

Age: 24

Species: Human

Upbringing: Camriann was born the first son of a noble lord, a heritage that would guarantee power and prestige in most kingdoms. The Ebongraspian Empire, however, is not like most kingdoms. This strictly meritocratic society requires determination, loyalty, and skill to advance to high ranks, so Camriann spent his childhood honing his skills in all of a lord’s duties, training in economics, law, history, strategy, diplomacy, and combat.

Role/Title Lord of Aldrain and Guardian of the Northern Reaches

Allegiance: Kingdom of Aldrain, Ebongraspian Empire

Crescera (Overworld): Resident
Taurios (Nether): Visitation
Nemisan (The End): Visitation
Empyrean (SkyBlock): None
Aequus (Plots): None

Physical Appearance: Camriann is thin and short, barely topping 5 feet, but is wiry and surprisingly muscular. He wears his dark brown hair neatly trimmed and his once-pale skin is weathered by wind and sun. He generally wears clothes of green and cyan, the colours of his noble house.

Equipment: Camriann generally wears simple woolen clothes of green and cyan, made to ward off the cold northern winds of Aldrain. At court in Raven’s Perch, he wears more ornate robes, and, in battle, he prefers the typical armor of an Aldrainian soldier. He is rarely seen without his sword, Honor, at his side.

General Personality: Quick-witted and well-learned, Camriann is always ready to deliver a sharp retort in any argument and possesses a dry, witty sense of humor. He is reserved and distrustful at first, but a fiercely loyal friend in fair weather or foul.

Skills: Camriann is skilled with the sword, and is an extraordinarily deadly archer. However, the Lord of Aldrain’s greatest skills are intellectual; he is a cunning strategist, a quick learner, and very well read.

Flaws: Camriann’s quiet and distrusting nature make him hard to approach and harder to befriend. He struggles internally with the residual cultural conflict between Aldrain and Ebongrasp, and worries that his subjects might resent his family’s surrender to the Empire.

[RP Faction] Empire of Ebongrasp
[Tier II RP Subfaction] Aldrain

Nicely done. Love the flaw you have set up in regard to the relationship between Aldrain and Ebongrasp. Would be happy to give you access to the RP Episodes if you want it?


I love this character, his flaw will be fun to play with in episodes : D


That would be great :smile: