[RP Character] Ara'Gottix (old)


Character Name: Ara’Gottix nar Zeer’osh vas Zha’til (people just call him Ara’Gottix, or Ara)

Species/Race: Keelish

Age: 205 (20.5 in Keelish years)

Title (if applicable): Lord Protector

Faction Allegiance(s) (if applicable): Kleriel Imperium

Physical Description: Working off of Keelish physiology which can be read here, Ara has a light cyan skin tone, is tall and fit, and has white eyes. He usually wears his chain armor underneath a tunic, coat, or cloak. He likes darker colors of clothing, like black, dark gray, dark blue, purple, as well as dark brown, anything that wouldn’t clash with his skin tone too badly. As tradition requires, he always has his heavy hood. He wears sturdy looking boots that reach up to just below his knees, and gloves. When out on missions, he is most often seen with his cape of similar color to the rest of his clothing, or a proud cape displaying Kleriel’s banner, if he is going to battle, in which case he will appear in heavy armor. He also enjoys wearing fur.

Personality Description: Ara has a very shifting personality depending on his mood. He is rather irritated by ignorance, and false information based on assumptions and speculation. He is a person who needs proof before he can make a sure decision. He is also a ‘‘straight to the point’’ kind of individual, and hates useless rambling and small talk, but usually still goes through with it to please the other person, or begin forming a connection. He hates being lied to, and being kept in the dark, but that does not mean that he doesn’t do the same to others, especially foreigners. He is careful and slow to trust, but when he does, his friendship is assured. But he can also act as-if he trusts someone, when indeed he does not and is merely using them. Ara can be very manipulative, be he does all of this as ‘‘Lord Protector’’ of Kleriel to keep his homeland safe. He never shares more than he has to, and never opens up more than he needs to. While at home, he is very attached to his pets, he has many relatives who are dear to him, but he rarely sees them when working for the crown. He likes to artistically express himself in his free time with drawings, he may not be particularly good at it, but it helps him relax and keep his mind off things. He always tries to keep himself busy, and his mind occupied, otherwise he has ‘‘Too much time to think’’. He is indeed very thoughtful, and can be caught deep in thought to the point where he seemingly blocks out reality, but he has a bad habit of going back to think about all his past mistakes and failures.

Abilities: He is smart, cunning, and very perceptive. As Lord Protector, he needs to keep his sword fighting skills in shape, but does not specialize in any form of combat. His real weapons are information and manipulation.
Weaknesses: Being Keelish, he is considerably weaker than your average human. He has a fear of heights, as well as spiders. Sometimes he can be very impatient, and is a crude negotiator, which can play against him when on diplomatic missions.


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