[RP Ballad] Sweet Valentine is Dead


Behold a city, tall and proud.
A beacon in the North.
A city built of white and gold
Of vast unmeasured worth.

Alas, such riches never last.
Corruption soon to spread.
Alliance gone, the people flee.
Sweet Valentine is dead.

A power rose not long ago.
A youthful queen took charge.
Her power weak she went to seek
The serpent still at large.

She found the snake and cornered it
It raised its spiteful head.
The wolf and dragon came too late.
Dear Valentine was dead.

A hopeful man with vile plan
Made Valentine arise.
With creatures blood, he brought her back.
Reversed her sad demise.

The city hosted knightly fight,
When summer followed frost.
But fell to monstrous starving blight.
Our Valentine was lost.

The city stands as still can be
untouched by all humanity.
The people flee as they decree,
“Our Valentine is lost!”