Roleplay rules and tips


Like the title said. I hope someone has a saved copy of the heap of text we had on WoA explaining the simple rules of RP and tips n’ tricks on how to write better.

While at it, the official RP topic and ooc thread could be made along the way.

I witnessed roleplay really pick up before the delete, it would be a shame to let it die in waiting.


I actually have bigger and bolder plans than how WoA RP was set up. I’m not sure what @Siilvarra still has saved, because most of that was all his work. Either way, I still have a lot to write up and believe me, the wait will be worth it. :slight_smile:


I’m aware Siil is working on something, really looking forward to that! Cant imagine what more you could do with rules, tips, a rp topic and an ooc thread though…
Well, if you say you can make it better, then I shouldn’t doubt it :wink:

The reason why I want them up is so we can discuss potential faction plans in a single thread with the rest of the non-in-character roleplay things, aka in the ooc thread.


The fact that your list is not complete, and we have a whole dedicated category should give you some indication. :slight_smile:

I will get the basics up within the next couple of days. I’ve had to prioritize the website and linking it to the forums and support system.


Update regarding roleplay.

I said ‘next couple of days’ and that unfortunately was too enthusiastic of me. @Siilvarra and I are still ironing out the lore of the Allura universe. Everything will be open in time for public release, at the very latest though, don’t worry! :slight_smile:


Take all the time you need to make it good. :wink:
hype intensifies


Do we have a date aiming for release, or is it just ASAP


There’s not a date, and there’s no ASAP.




Still lots of things to fix. Sorry. Roleplay is on hold.


This should quench your thirst for a bit. Closing this topic.