Render Contest


I LIVE in the boneyard biome.
I had like 3 stacks of bone blocks, I get killed by husks a lot and take constant damage from magma blocks. Way to go me on finding a good home.


How long til judging? @Owner @ironly



Deadline is 10 hours from now.


This one:

this one:and this one:

hope this is good, claire has em all already tho
I got some of the spawn and skyblock as well


Please select the three you want to enter as entries. Put the rest in spoiler tags. Else I’m going to presume the top three are your entries… which would be a shame since some of the bottom ones are super great…


To be clear: the pictures under the “this one”.
But you can use all of them anyway, unrelated to the contest :blush:


How much longer for the contest?


just under 2 hours


Thank you to all who made entries. Thank you for the additional ones too, since that will give me a resource to use when making updates and needing a ‘filler’ picture. :wink:

I had a little help from some of the staff and we decided upon these renders:

@Aragottix (25 Vote Tokens) :thumbsup:

@samcv (25 Vote Tokens) :thumbsup:

@AvoidingCollege (25 Vote Tokens) :thumbsup:

@PieGod (25 Vote Tokens)

Server Info
@Camo578 (25 Vote Tokens) :thumbsup:

@salyvan (25 Vote Tokens)

@Claire88c (0 Vote Tokens, since you can spawn) :thumbsup:

@Claire88c (0 Vote Tokens, since you can spawn) :thumbsup:

@Camo578 (5 Vote Tokens, since it wasn’t an entry) :thumbsup:

Call to Action
@samcv (25 Vote Tokens) :thumbsup:


Sweet choices! Thanks!
Again, feel free to use my other ones as well if ever in need (you don’t have to give me anything for them haha) :smile:


Oh my, I actually won something for once! Yay!!!


I feel robbed of my prizes.

Congrats everyone. These pictures are super useful for us :blue_heart:


@Camo578 is that my hobbit hole :wink:
looks really good


Congrats, y’all


I don’t remember but I thought the simplistic look with nothing else around looked good.