Render Contest


I can see why it might be difficult or undoable, but I would probably need either a schematic of the world for mcedit, a copy of the world, or an obj file generated by mine ways. I would use blender to create a render and to add shadows, atmospheric effects such as mist, and compositing. If this is not a possibility, I will submit screenshots. I decided to ask about this because it is a method of creating renders, and if I were to use blender I would need to have some additional files.


You know there’s an add-on for blender now that does the conversion already


And it’s not mineways.


Thanks Jon <3


oh right guess i should submit something idk


Just remembered I had something to submit for this.


My sad attempt at screenies :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok guys, 2 more days until deadline.

Just to clarify there will be 9 renders chosen in total.

  • Background
  • 3 x Sliders
  • Server Info
  • Survival
  • SkyBlock
  • Plots
  • Call to Action

So if you haven’t already made a submission, get on with it!


Here are my entries. Not great since I’m dealing with a macbook air, but I’m happy with how they turned out.

Other shots



if you want something nether related

and for yo biomes!
and here’s a picture of a plot with a build I did bcuz I dont think I should take a picture of someone else’s build and I dont think a picture of a blank plot would look good. that ok?

couple more if you’re interested ( I cant figure out how to hide them feel free to edit it staff to do so)


lol crispy the plots picture you took makes it look like you’re advertising your build


well I thought Jon just wanted pics of plots and a picture of a completely blank plot seems like it’d be boring but ok ill delete em


I love the shadow of the nerd pole in the third picture.


i was just joking with you crispy :stuck_out_tongue:


oh, ok
and you shhh @Camo578;)


I get to compete too right?


You cheated to get those last two. Filthy fly ability…


Hey, Crispy, is your 4th picture’s biome up for grabs? :3
If it is, is it possible for you to TP me there?



I was away, ok?

Just for fun @LogicalDark


Oh, you’ve seen the boneyard biome too?