Render Contest




Here’s my Entries :slight_smile:



Cough. SkyBlock. Plots. Cough.

@Aragottix I’ve merged your posts and put your additional renders in a spoiler tag, so it’s clear the other two aren’t part of your entry. Be free to modify your three however you wish though!


I wanted to do that too, but I wanted to do biomes more :slight_smile:


and I’m not allowed to have more than 3 entries :stuck_out_tongue:


Neither is Aragottix. If you want to post more renders, just put the additional ones in spoiler tags, and understand we’ll ignore those in the selection process. :slight_smile:


Spoiler tags?
I do have ones of skyblock and plots but not sure where to put them

[details=Click Me!]Oo, that tickles![/details]
Click Me!

Oo, that tickles!

Plots + Skyblock Spawn (Not for contest)

(Whoops, forgot F1 on 2nd pic :p)


Get that SkyBlock one up as an actual entry. I need one for each dimension. As of right now, you’re the only one with one :wink: And yeah, make sure to press F1 first. Lol.




What should I do about the no f1?
Take another one?


Last Pic one for skyblock :wink:

[details=Click Me!]



All of them are using Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders, you’re gonna need a beast of a computer to use it, only reason I can is because this computer was half built by my brother-in-law


If you turn Render Quality up too 2.0x it’s super HD


I could do a blender render, but I would need a copy of part of the world. Is this possible with any of the hubs, and would it qualify for the contest?


My Renders

Sunny Forest with lens flare

Dark End City

Cloudy Spruce Forest



Added one with actual buildings in it to my submission.


In case you weren’t aware the building one is in the spoiler. If you’re wanting it considered as a submission, move it out and replace it with one of the other three. I’m only pointing this out because you said “Added one with actual buildings in it to my submission” when technically, you didn’t.

Redo that render that has your arm/GUI in it, please (or replace it).

What would you need for that?


It says i can only have one photo :frowning: