Render Contest


Hey guys, another contest for you.

So… you may notice that the website is lacking, well, Allura-related content. Our artists are already overworked and the next best thing would be to have in-game renders of our wonderful biomes don’t you think? Well, the sad fact is that I don’t have the ability to take beautiful renders like some of our players do, which is why I’m seeking your help in form of this contest! This contest is simple, make some renders that show off Allura! I don’t care if you use resource packs or shader packs, just make sure your render is jaw-dropping. To compete simply reply to this topic with your three best renders. It can be of the custom biomes, a settlement or even of your friends!

I can’t tell you what your renders will be used for just yet, but for every render used you will receive 25 Vote Tokens! So, if all three of your renders are used you will receive 75 Vote Tokens in total. These tokens will be given to you in the survival server. As an indication of what these renders will be used for though, look at the current website and see what we have set up so far. Perhaps you can figure out a good render for a feature that other people might not think of making a render for?

Best of luck everyone!

Edit: Guess I should add a deadline right? Let’s say… 1 week, since it’s a fairly simple contest? So get your entries in by July the 16th!


@Aragottix (25 Vote Tokens)

@samcv (25 Vote Tokens)

@AvoidingCollege (25 Vote Tokens)

@Harvel (25 Vote Tokens)

Server Info
@Camo578 (25 Vote Tokens)

@salyvan (25 Vote Tokens)

@Claire88c (0 Vote Tokens, since you can spawn your own)

@Claire88c (0 Vote Tokens, since you can spawn your own)

@Camo578 (5 Vote Tokens, since it wasn’t an entry)

Call to Action
@samcv (25 Vote Tokens)


2 for now, I havn’t found a good biome for the third render.



nice, Music! how’d you do the tilt?


Simple editing


Hm. Neat. I may do something like that…



Ooo I knew this was going to be a good idea! Thanks for the submissions so far guys!


yeah, I was TRYING to make a kickass render, but the sky had other plans. Thanks rain! Ruins days, even in video games! XD


So, I managed to get a few renders done.

Little pond of lilies.

Voyager’s pride.

Adventures begin here.


Only three entries per person, please. And only post entries that are of the current world, since some of the biomes in beta don’t exist in the current world.


o. Sorry, I’ll remove some.



[details=I know I already posted 3, so don’t count this one as part of the contest. Was exploring when i snapped this, thought I should still post it here because it looks pretty and may be useful. ]

Edit: And another.

Edit: And another xD



If you post screenies post the texture pack and shaders for peeps like me. Lookin at you @Aragottix XD


whats the shader on the last? i need that in my life


The texture pack is John Smith’s Legacy, and the shader is… chocopic’s I think? It’s a lite shader for weaker systems. Still gorgeous.


Ohhh, another Chocpic user :smiley: join the club lmao


Just a question, I’m not sure exactly you download shaders xD

pls senpai tell me


You download the shader from their site and drag it in to the shader folder in your . Minecraft folder.

Having optifine installed ofc.

Oh, and don’t forget to activate it in game under options afterwards x3