Remove time vote


Like the title says, remove the time vote. Why? Because basically, its tyranny by the majority. I haven’t had a night in the last 2 hours because apparently everyone forgot how to survive in minecraft (okay, lil bit salty there). My minecraft experience that much shittier because I have to put up with sudden changes from night to day again and again, against my will.

I thought survival world meant SURVIVAL, its supposed to be a challenge, not set day whenever you feel slightly threatened by the single zombie a mile away.

Edit: + it greatly brakes my immersion


I agree with this. Right now I have no weapon or armour, so the constant husks are annoying, but people who want to farm mobs are being overwhelmed. I say remove it.


I completly agree, I feel we’re cotton packing players of a survival that has already become easier with sethomes. If it were to be kept, you should need a unamimous vote to go through with it.


A unanimous vote for day can be achieved by everyone sleeping at the same time unless this has been disabled.

I don’t love night but agree with this sentiment (disallowing for immersion and difficulty reasons). I’ve used /home to escape more than one creeper already. :slight_smile:

Pointing this out in case people are really worried about losing ability to make it day and the plugin is removed.


If you dont like it, dont vote.


Mxl, you aren’t helping :stuck_out_tongue: Simply not voting on the time vote when someone initiates it wont make the time not change for me as well as for everyone else.


You have three choices, vote yes, vote no, or don’t vote.


That doesn’t change the problem of the time changing for those of us who don’t want it, because those who do outnumber us…


Any chance there’s a cool down we can put in so only X in Y nights can be skipped? That way people who want night and immersion can have it some times as well as those that want eternal sunshine for their spotless minds.

I have other ideas too but they become increasingly bizarre :yum:


Majority rules. I don’t like it, but it’s probably going to stay the same anyway; I’ve just come to accept that, and gone with it :grin:


I have no opinion regarding the ‘time vote’. However, I do want to respond to @Mxlppxl. The option of disabling the plugin seems to be out of the question, which I feel should be an option.
I feel Mxl also suggests Ara shouldn’t have created this thread in the first place. I believe we should be able to give feedback and share out opinions.

What’s your guys thought on that?


You either didnt take the time to actually read what Aragottix said or you are just doing it for fun at this point as i’ve seen you post this reply on discord a few times too. Aragottix made the very fair point that the majority always wins. He even offers a very simple solution to this problem so you don’t even have to take the time to think about one. Easy right? Community offers feedback and a solution, you do something with this feedback. Instead you go around not adressing any of his points and just saying ‘‘Either you vote or you ignore it’’. You cant ignore being stuck on daytime for 2 hours.
Inb4 '‘But i can ignore your mean message!’'
Inb4 '‘Hey you are talking to staff here!’'
Inb4 ‘‘If you dont like it, dont vote.’’


The addon does not bother me either way. I simply stated my opinion on it. It’s not like you are losing playtime by having night end early.

Will it be removed? I don’t know. Its an option, but up to @Icalave and @Claire88c


Personally I think there should be some sort of cooldown on this as it is being used too often. Until a witch spawner or creeper spawner is found night time or cave exploring is the only chance for gunpowder and with it being changed to day all the time it’s a bit annoying.


Okay I can’t completely get rid of it due to the vote that was released had 8 for yes, 7 for cool-down and only 4 for get rid of. But I’ve gone for the middle ground its the best i can do to make as many people happy. The TimeVote now has a 20 minute cool-down so it can only be activated once every 2 days. And i’m happy for you guys to give feedback just don’t be like “its tyranny by the majority”, ask in a nice way and actually make it feedback not a complaint about a system. I want to see opinions and friendly discussions between players not to have arguments between players start up.

If you want to give more feedback plz tag me for all suggestions so i can look at them, i’d rather be tag’d as much as i am needed so i see what i need to see :slight_smile: