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Minecraft is not the easiest medium to build in. Referencing a build from real life architecture is where every great builder really starts to develop, and they continue to do it from there on out. The next best thing would be to study architecture more in-depth, and the type of build features your style would use in real life, but as a starting point, copying bits from references like these will do just fine.

Use them to gather ideas for different parts on your buildings, by pulling bits and pieces you find interesting, copying certain layouts, and as an example of what to find in your own search for image references.

I’ve made this topic a wiki, so you can update this list with your favorite reference photos. Just make sure to follow these guidelines.

  • Don’t add new categories without asking first.
  • Make sure each picture is spaced once between each other, and is scaled to 200x200 to maintain the current grid.
  • Don’t use references from Minecraft.
  • Don’t remove existing photos.
  • Understand that build leaders might filter out references that don’t fit well.


Projects using this style: Mountain Peak, Gothic City
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Projects using this style: Roman Capital
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This style still exists in medieval, but at a later period better known as the renaissance. Gothic was most popular during late medieval. So, much of the cities during that time such as Paris, still had mostly classic medieval houses and buildings among the newer, fancier Gothic cathedrals and stylized houses. So along with a small bit of normal medieval architecture, here are some examples of what to build in our Gothic city project.

Projects using this style: Gothic City
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This is great help Nate!

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