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Re: Support Tickets
Not sure if this is possible. it certainly would be useful though, yes.


Question concerning world generation:

So after I saw the ‘‘world map’’ of WoA, I began to wonder how RoA’s world generator works. I know biomes of the same kind are grouped closer to each other, and that they blend in to one and other at the borders… but do they form large landmasses like continents as well? How random are these biomes really? Will the biomes make sense, like a desert biome preferably not blending in to an ice biome?

I remembered I realy like how on WoA you crossed an ocean and hit a tropical forest on the coast, then head through that and there was a savanna, and beyond it a desert/mesa, and after you’ve crossed the whole thing you realize its a giant island. Or part of a larger continent and hit mountains instead of another ocean.

Though Idk what the generator’s capabilities are, but that’s why im asking.

Just ROA Things V2

Inspired by recent trolls who join the server then spam chat with offensive remarks, would there be a way if enough of the playerbase reported a player they’d be temporarily muted? IK a bit risky but if you made the margin high enough I think the community’s could handle the responsibility


Right now there really is no need to, since all staff we have are active. If the problem still remains in a few months, we’ll look back into it.