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There actually are plugins for custom end and nether dimensions. I don’t know how your new terrain generator works exactly, but I am 100% sure that Terrain Control can do this. All you have to do with TC is specify the generator with “-g TerrainControl” or specify it in your Bukkit.yml. I bet you could probably get this to work with EWG as well if you wanted.


We already have a custom Neither. I think the decision was made not to have a custom End tho.


It doesn’t work with EWG.


Yes, EWG and Terrain Control are not compatible. I’ve tooled with TC and its not user friendly.


We have custom nether never said we didnt and currently ewg doesnt have the add-on needed for end generations. The reason im not using terrain control is because its not a randon gen its a set map that repeats. so once you know the map you can find repeating biomes easily. Secondly TerrainControl is no longer being updated or supported and only truly works on 1.9 and down. Every version above that is buggy


Oh right I remember that about TG, didn’t know EWG wasn’t a painted map type too. Too bad it doesn’t do end. Bummer. Maybe one day. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I’m guessing TC is what atlas used then as that was a repeating map.


shhhh ! (lol)


Most people are already aware of that vanguard secret so it’s fine lol


I love that book series!


@Icalave I’d like to prove otherwise. I am an active Terrain Control user, and there is currently support for all versions of minecraft that are bug free. Even if you are concerned about bugs, there are also other branches based off of Terrain Control with different features, such as OpenTerrainGenerator, which is linked here: https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/66zqhz/new_mod_open_terrain_generator_ultimate_control/

This point about maps is simply not true. There are multiple settings for Terrain Control, FromImage and RandomMode. FromImage is based off of an image file that writes all biomes based on the individual colors in the image. RandomMode, to the contrary, will generate infinitely random breathtaking terrain, that, with the right cofigurations, can look amazing. Here are some non-shader screenshots (The renders and shaders take this to the next level) to example what can be done with RandomMode: https://imgur.com/a/pyKLW

The TC pack that Martyn payed for (now free), http://forum.mctcp.com/t/public-release-of-mysources-testworld-repackaging-to-follow/1778, was a FromImage world, in which the map could be drawn based on the HexID’s of different biomes. Also, the reason why the map repeated in FromImage mode is because the map drawn was not a large enough image and/or the biome size per pixel was set to be very low.

Ok, thanks. I thought that EWG might be able to generate in any worlds like TC. It appears I was wrong. (@Mxlppxl, what did you mean by TC is not user friendly?)

I’m aware that it would probably be quite a hassle to switch from EWG to TC this late in the game, and I’m not saying that you should. The point of this was just to bring to light some other options to go about things.


I think their point was that EWG randomly generates biomes off a rough template like vanilla while TC makes biomes exactly the same as others of the same type.


I’m not quite sure what you mean. Could you please clarify?

If you were saying that TC could not generate biomes like vanilla can, that’s not quite true. Terrain Control is based off of vanilla generation, so it has all the same capabilities as vanilla does.


TC takes a lot of work to use and understand. Unlike EWG where a custom biome is one file, biomes in TC could be 5-6 files, consisting of borders, main terrain, etc. Mostly this was used in the more complex biomes.

Like I said, I’ve tooled with it but it’s pretty complex. I tried making my own biomes and gave up after about two hours.

@Kamiama you are more than welcome to set up a test server and show us how good TC is. The creator of TC was an asshole and no longer helps anyone or posts on the forum. http://forum.mctcp.com/t/terraincontrol-troubles/702/12 and http://kartwork.de/tutorial/html/index.html


xD That wasn’t the creator of Terrain Control (Just his name), but was indeed, an asshole. He’s the one that Martyn actually bought the TC pack from. He’s infamous within the community of TC creators for being an absolute jerk. You can see on the thread I linked up above evidence of this:

The real creators of TC are, I’m pretty sure, Rutgerkok, Khoorn, and Timethor. They help update the mod and don’t really provide much help, but if you post a link on the forums, you’re sure to get some help from some kind soul. I’ll look and see if I can get a test server up sometime remotely soon to show you guys.


My main point was its no longer being updated and supported the Dev for it quit and the LAST WORKING release was 1.9, after which it has slowly been getting more and more bugs. And as of which i know about it no longer works for 1.12 or barely works (go look up the last release of it).

I’d prefer to only use plugins that are still being supported and don’t have bugs

and your not wrong there is a random gen but there was a reason no one used it even the dev recommended not to use the random Gen since his coding was not originally designed for it. Trust me i did my research on both EWG and TC before picking which to use.

The last releases he had written was for 1.11.2 but he never finished making the build it was a beta build so he never released it to the public
Go look at the last time that they even responded to one of there issue tickets was back in 2016

TC has only received 5 Updates compared to EWG which has received well over 100
(Main reason i went for EWG)


First off, the person you talked to, OldTCCreator (Who was not the developer of TC), told you not to use random mode because the pack he designed, and Martyn bought, was for use with FromImage, and in order to make it usable with RandomMode, you’d have to do some serious work to convert it. RandomMode was used by loads of people! My huge point is that OldTCCreator was not the developer, or a developer of Terrain Control, he just created a pack with it to sell to people. He was not connected to the plugin itself at all. TC still has lots of active developers, and lots of help from it’s community as well.

As for your research, I bet you did do a load of research, as I would when I find plugins for my server, but I believe you’ve been looking in the wrong place. Terrain Control is no longer supported on spigot. All of the builds can be found on the forums. 1.11.2 is far in the past, I use TC 1.12 for my creating, and have found no problems so far.

Here’s some more reliable information, straight from the actual developers:

And the forums:

The reason no issue tickets have been responded to is because they have been made in the wrong place. The proper directory is here: https://github.com/MCTCP/TerrainControl/issues TC has received plenty and plenty of updates, more than EWG actually. (Exactly 179 now to be exact) All of the builds are located here:


I’ll try to get a 1.12 test server up within a few days sometime in the next week if you want. If so, how many biomes do you want and what type do you want them to be? I’d be happy to help you along the way. :grinning:

EDIT: If I do get one set up, it might be run off of my crappy wifi unless I can find a good deal. Just warning.

EDIT EDIT: In case I lead to confusion, TC is supported by Spigot, just not the plugin page on their forums


Everyone except Kamiama trusts you, Ica. @Kamiama, could you please refraim from adding to his workload right now? This debate is going straight over my head, but we don’t need to be trying to change plans at this moment. Also, Mxl and others have spent ages making biomes specifically for RoA, and if we were to change to TC it would put all their hours to waste. And the whole ‘TC vs EWG’ is a bit ridiculous tbh. I’m sure they both have pros and cons, but it won’t really affect how good our gameplay is. Assuming one world is like 0.5% better than another, how much difference will it make for RP/building/fun, which, after all is what we are here for. Hint… none. I’m sure everyone, as soon as we see the world, will forget all about this debate and will just go wow.


We are using EWG. I do not see us switching.

@Kamiama Sorry if you failed to note the sarcasm in my post about showing us how good it is.


any chance we can get a render system again? I really liked the renders.

Edit: also, I’m not sure how this’d be done but if there was someway to notify you maybe on the forums when a bug report ticket is responded to. Learned I forgot to respond to one of mine a few weeks ago (sorry @ironly ;))