Random Suggestions


Syl, to do that you can set up a layer of blocks high above where you want it to stay dark. It might take a while, but the result is very, very dark. I liked it when I saw it on WoA under where staff seemed to have build the crate texture, WoA logo, and some other things high in the sky, if you remember.


it is nice to see the sky and not feel like ur in a cave tho


True, unless you imagine its really friikn cloudy and no moon or star light gets through maybe.


I wish we could but no one has made a plugin for that yet


…I mean, you sort-of could, with large (massive) clumps of custom structures or End Islands. Like, have several variants of several sizes, each with a different structure or whatnot. This is only if you can make custom End structures - I only heard that you can’t do biomes in the End, so basically what I’m suggesting is biomes via structures if possible.


OOoooooor, divert the staff’s attention to overworld biomes because nobody spends time in the end after the initial elly rush anyway. I know I hate it.


Are you kidding? That’s how I got the majority of my OP item stash


We should make Shulkers respawn, so people like me can get some boxes when we are finally rich enough to brave the End. And one of the staff should find a stronghold and make it public or build a fancy end portal.


There are no means or mechanics to have shulkers re spawn sadly, and I feel a public end portal would take away from the achievement that the original finders went through. There usually is a public portal anyway cough @inipotbelly cough


cough plz


Hey guys, we should make a new chat area on Discord specifically for country wars. Then it won’t spam general. :new_zealand: Or ban it, maybe!


You know what bothered me at the last reset on WoA? How quickly some people * cough cough * made it to the end extremely quickly because end portal frame blocks were craftable. Most of these people were adept in gaining the required resources and were raiding end cities while I had just found the biome I wanted to settle in and began punching trees. Cant say for sure, but I think it was on day 2 from the reset already.

Lets keep it vanilla and have people look for it, that way everyone wanting it would need to grind endermen, then embark on a grand search, and if the one who finds it wishes to make it public, they can do so.

That, and at launch, people will probably go out exploring all the different biomes, searching for a spot to make their home which will most probably cause lag on its own, we don’t need people doing that with elytras.


A chat dedicated to people arguing who’s country is better, or which countries are better than others, just more drama, which usually leads to bad stereotyping, tempers flaring, maybe a bit of racism, and could serve to make divides between players with different origins, view points, or preferences. Why that sounds lovely. I’ll bring snacks.

sarcasm intended


Make end portals craftable only after all three strongholds have been found, so players can have their own one but it doesn’t cause problems like you said.


when the master of sarcasm fails to recognise sarcasm. Obviously we don’t need country flame wars. “or ban it maybe!”


We’re veering a bit off topic here, and I think craftable end portals are a very bad idea, considering weve got no method of removal.




all 3 strongholds ? i think you may wanna rethink that …


If you really want country wars go shitpost on /pol/


See my reply to Ara above.