Random Suggestions


the world gen uses 2 plugins. EWG custom world generator (not sure the official name) and EWG custom nether generator (again, not sure the official name. Unfortunately, there is no counterpart for custom end generator


@ironly please can we get food back when we die on survival? It is annoying when you run out and can’t get any more b/c you get swarmed when you go outside.


I remember Jon saying it was intentional, but I do see your point.


Not to be an ass, i just dont know how else to word this, but can we please not dumb down vanilla minecraft gameplay? If you loose all your food when you die and didnt leave any to spare at your base, where your spawn should be set, then thats your fault :stuck_out_tongue:


In vanilla, you actually respawn with your hungerbars filled xD


Oh, i thought actual food, my bad.


This is going to be removed.


No!!! The hunger bar! If you are starving to death, and you try to go outside to get food but are killed by a mob, you will respawn and start starving again. Obviously you don’t get food ITEMS when you die…


Wasn’t it set like this to stop people committing suicide in skyblock?


I believe it was implemented so that people wouldn’t commit suicide to replenish their hunger bar in general.


It was meant to be implemented on SkyBlock only. Didn’t get around to dedicating it purely to SkyBlock, but from the looks of it no-one likes it anyways. So if it stays it will only be on SkyBlock, but more likely to just be removed.


How do i use my vote key? (just bought expert) It says go to ‘Vote Guard’ at spawn, how do i find that?


Isn’t set up yet. (Actually working on that right now). For now those keys are useless. You’ll be getting a new one when we open, which you’ll be able to use then.


Lol ok
And any word on silking spawners or whatnot?


Can we have a longer day than night? Other than mob hunting I see little benefit to night. Also I am afraid of most hostile mobs, so. Ha!

Also can we get (local, player) weather reset for higher donor ranks?


Don’t think changing the length of day/night is possible. Personal weather is not a thing, unfortunately.


I thought I saw one for time mangling that claimed to not mess up red stone circuits.

I didn’t know if weather was possible or not.

If I find anything I’ll let you know and propose them for consideration?


is it possible to make an area in survival always night?


I don’t think just an area (but yes a world) due to internal game mechanics like mob spawning and light calculations (think crop growth and leave decay). There is/was a ptime command from some plugin so you could make it look like night but not actually “be” night for purposes of the game.


PTime is just aesthetic. The server still runs on ‘regular’ time. Problem we are having with PTime right now is that it’s not resetting when changing worlds. This should be fixed when we set up Bungee.

PWeather is unfortunately not a part of Essentials. If we find a plugin that does do personal weather in a similar method to PTime, then so be it, but I would presume it would have similar issues to PTime with changing worlds.

It is possible to make all time stop, yes.