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A biome full of closely-packed massive stone pillars, like this:

Pillars would be absolutely massive (big enough to build a good-sized mansion on), and they’d be about 120-200 blocks tall, and very close together. One of these biomes would be a very large, but somewhat “thin” island (Can only spawn in oceans) - like this:
Except, you know, with massive stone pillars. Just to clarify.

Edit: It’d also be fantastic if we had lush/desert/cold variants of them - Like, one’s like the pictures, another is like a mesa/desert pillars, and the other is basically stone, ice, and snow.

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Wow Cept, 7 likes already. Seems like a very good idea…


I wholeheartedly agree with this idea. Would make for a very cool biome if possible


Nine, when I read this.

See guys, I sometimes have good ideas…
Emphasis on sometimes.

Edit: Actually had a good idea for that too, edited the post.


Played with the config this morning…i dont think i can do this with an ocean biome but i will look into it more


Can we do the pillars tho?


If i can figure out how to make pillars…sure.

I could use a structure file but all pillars would look alike.

Got a one hour drive home…ugh


I am working on it


well, the dirt does not want to cooperate…will work on it more tomorrow.


I do indeed like this one a lot, as well as the second one - though that build height will be rather annoying, I’d have to agree…


Working on the build height. Hardest part is getting dirt to spawn…seems that only stone and the like are there, despite what I put in the json file.


Is there any chance we could increase the upload size on the forums cuz it’s just a bit too big to upload MC screenshots. Asking @inipotbelly in particular since you seem to do a lot of this stuff


I agree, the forum limit is 3 megabytes and all of my screenshots are a minimum of 4, even without resource packs or anything


with resource packs and shaders they are upwards of 7 megabytes


Wtf, I upload mc screens all the time, with textures and shaders, and it’s fine


Might have to do with the fact i play in 1440p…


I play in 1600x900 and it’s still too large for me.


I play 1920x1080p 32" TV it’s perfect lmao


Alright lets get this back on topic, I think custom end biomes would be neat to see


Ooh me likey