Random Suggestions


What block does it make?


It will look like a shulker box with the color varying on the color of wool used. The shulker box will not be able to open.


Ok thanks


Skeletal Knight should have a chance to drop a wither skull and Skeletal Kings should always drop a wither skull when you kill them.


Skeletal Knights are an example custom mob and it might not be making an appearance when we open for public release. I will keep your suggestion in mind if we choose to implement custom mobs though!


Will the server stay on easy, or will it become normal mode so cave spiders do poison damage, and the wither boss will cause wither damage?


Can we plz fix the survival portal? Went through it, explored. Lagged so died by falling into a ravine. Got a water bucket from home, went back through portal. Ended up somewhere else. RIP the stack of iron i forgot to put away


That is actually how it is designed to be. On accessing the portal you will be teleported to a unique spot. If you want to save a spot you can use your /sethome.

I believe the plan is to turn it to Normal, yeah.


Actually, i really like that when i think about it… Just don’t die somewhere random :sob:


I think all beta testers builders etc. should get a rank discount when we can buy them. That way we are rewarded for our efforts, while supporting @Icalave financially.

And someone, maybe Ara, pointed out that people will constantly be joining, so maybe we can keep our claim blocks? please


I like this as well. My first spawn on WoA was atop a very tall mesa with few resources. It was tough to make a go of it and without some help I would have died much more than I did. I would have liked a reset.

It may be worth considering a brief timeout before reset (if even possible) to keep people like me from using it to tour the world and find all the cool biomes :slight_smile: and record coordinates.


#Shut up @bluekelp we need to be able to do this



@staff @Owner how does this sound. Idk how much it costs to run a server obviously, but maybe we could do at least one of these?


please do not use the staff with @…it notifies 9 people every time you use it…unless its truly needed


Ok. I guess Jon is best for regular stuff like that?


I mean, builders I understand. But how many beta testers have actually reported bugs… or tested? There has been like a total of five I’ve seen. Rewards (if any), should be based off contribution, not early access. Testing is like trypíng to exploit bugs, or attempting to dupe, which is something I’m currently handling.


Jon, can we try hard : p


NO, no hard please, even on WoA when it was set to normal there were enough mobs outside to be a major pain in the ass to build at night, and I don’t really have time or the patience to wait for day each time I want to either build or farm wood (my builds are 80% wood).

Exploring would also be hindered obviously.


Don’t talk down of the beta testers please, a lot of players have been sending in bug reports, which without would’ve made for an awkward public release.

Builders’ main ‘reward’ is that they will continue to have World Edit in plots.

There’s no need to tag staff at all currently, since the forums are not super active. I read everything that is posted, so nothing really is missed.

Initial members of Allura will be getting special treatment on opening, don’t worry.


Yay! Okay, no tagging staff.
And yes, @Holy we are reporting bugs.