Random Suggestions


You know how sometimes there is something you think would be a good idea but you don’t want to make a new thread?


I would like a biome full of giant Pesky’s trees. That was awesome, shame Martyn ragequit before he could finish


Peskys trees? Mind posting screenies?


I don’t have any. I took some renders but they went down with WoA. @ironly do you have any screenshots of Pesky’s tree, or know anyone who does?


I don’t have a screenshot of that unfortunately, but yes we do have plans for mega large trees (I think). :slight_smile:


What about a biome that’s just normal, inconspicuous plains on top, but dig about four or five blocks down and you fall into a massive cavern that makes up the entire underground of the biome, and has large, upside-down trees on the roof, and glowstone/prismarine spikes on the floor.

Like an upside-down forest.


Lol that would be awesome


i’ve got the underground biome going, but getting trees upside down aint gonna happen.

I can work on the glowstone though, but I prefer dark :slight_smile:


How about a massive stone forest then?




Good, the upside down tree SOUNDS like a good idea, but would suck in reality.


We really need the chest shop plugin like in WoA. Also how can we ensure that other people don’t infringe on our.builds?


We’ll be having the chestshop plugin :slight_smile:



Dammit i need 5 characters :sob:


I do plan to buy a rank when they become available, i’d like to see the same player particle system added for certain ranks.


I like the trees that are present, but I would also like for the trees produced by saplings to not have roots. If land is farmed for trees multiple times, dirt is consumed. This seems to happen more often than it would with even the vanilla dark oak trees. (I also noticed that some of the custom trees that spawn from saplings seem to float above the ground).


Already a thing, this one has a super cool wing builder too. :slight_smile:


I was thinking of a plugin where if you did /blocks, it would convert anything in your inventory that can be turned into blocks (iron, gold, diamond, melon, etc.) into blocks. @Claire88c @inipotbelly


How do we use the the elevator plugin?


Use the custom crafting recipe.