Pyrotheum build team application


IGN: Pyrotheum
Discord: Pyrotheum#1794
About You: Dutch, Minecraft since 2011, I like to build. Was Team Atlas member.
Building Style: Medieval, rustic and fantasy.
Last Build Team Experience: / Badlion / Team Atlas
World Edit Experience: A lot
Like to learn?: Yes I do like to learn


Alright Pyro, I give my approval to bump you up to apprentice, once @Siilvarra agrees. You’ll need to start a physical application, after we ask you a few questions.
Give this a read in the meantime Description of Builder Ranks


^ What Nate said. I’m happy for you to get the apprentice rank and let complete the physical application. I do remember you on the Atlas team as well, so I don’t see there being any real issues here. :slight_smile: