Proposal: Creative World


I am not a RPer so I don’t feel I can really weigh in with opinions on the details here but I do feel like I have to call each and everyone of you out…

…In a good way- for participating and helping to keep the RoA community alive and well. You guys (any gals?) are the active voice that we need! This is awesome.

I love this community and this sort of thing really tickles me. I get Ara’s concerns about survival vs creative and keeping any old newb out and it seems like there might be consensus on ways to handle that? I love Jon’s idea about a Civilization-esque in-game-game. I love that Kung brought in tile maps and Forge of Empires refs. Etc etc. This is all awesome. Awesome, I say.

One thing I’d like to ask/call out is keeping an eye toward supporting the server and community we all enjoy and want to see continue.

This server and community are really one of a kind. I am unaware of any other place where we have a say in the server and worlds like this. This is unique, so far as I know.

But it costs real money to keep this going ($X per month, to be exact) and I know/assume nobody is in this for the money but the founders/owners have kept the lights on through thick and thin. I suggest we consider tying empire size, claims, and maybe even some materials to support for the server in some way. Let’s work, a little, for what we’re being given.

I get it. We can’t all contribute in the same way. Some of us live at home under the thumb of cruel parents who part with kid(ney?)s easier than coin. Some of us have less time than others. But we can all do something.

Maybe we “work” to help grow the community by inviting and onboarding others. Maybe we put some time in and help field questions in game from new players and keep them feeling welcome and supported. Maybe we work on server lore or build maps or add content to survival (dungeons and quests and builds) to help attract new players and to support the RP side we really want to play. Whatever works. Whatever we can do.

Maybe we forgo “full creative” but instead “buy” the materials and claims on the new continent using a currency that helps the server. And I don’t necessarily mean money (though that’s cool too).

I mean giving a little to help grow and support what we have and help ensure it is a fun and exciting place for new players, and us. Helping to ensure that a few don’t put in all the sacrifice to give you a place to play. Maybe we help “pay” in whatever way we can.

I don’t mean to be preachy. I would however like to see us start offering up ideas, or signing up to do X, when we offer opinions and together I think we can come up with some pretty cool stuff.

E.g. I like to develop plugins and mods. I’ve long been thinking of an in game alternative to the well know Factions plugin where faction claims are controlled by something other than PvP kills (booooooring- also toxic for community). I also envision a creative world with (certain) limited resources so people can build freely with what they have but don’t smash emerald towers all over to demonstrate wealth (for free) etc.

So if stuff like this is useful, let me know. I’m happy to help, in this way and others. And hey, come up with new donor levels to part me and my money, and let me support all you awesome people and this awesome community and this awesome little corner of the world that is, basically, ours. And maybe do the same, in whatever way, and however much, you can.


How is this fair and not receiving claims via active play?
In the current world, Kleriel is far larger and more developed than the NR because i invested more time and effort in to mine than all of you in yours combined :stuck_out_tongue: That’s fair.


Pssst. There will be s subscription thing for the server, don’t worry, no lights out for RoA <3


Yours was based off of your own story. We based ours off our players. Two different animals.
Besides, inactive players shouldnt be in long term RP anyway


My faction was based off of my own story, while yours was off your own players? What does that have to do with anything? You all still failed to make anything significant up until recently when Kung started building things. The NR to me looks like a prime example of a faction of such inactive players…
He said in a calm and a not-wanting-to-offend tone.


if “paying” becomes a thing im out right out of the whole thing, i paid for my rank once and thats what im willing to pay out of my pocket and i have been starting to play more again and tip in that why but pay to play then im out. which i also belive is against the EULA thing?


numbers dont make a right, we had the same debate some time ago when it came to ebon. The more poeple the more land they get issent really fair and could be said differently. sure they can “get” more land but they will need to build on it but each player should get a set amount from start so its not just a bundle for larger factions due that would leave out smaller factions that might not have more then 1 or 2 players in it


6 world name suggestions, based on the letters of the word “Creative”:

  • Varitece
  • Aritevec
  • Vicarete
  • Vacereit
  • Tracieve
  • Cet’rieva


Another thing, to make everyone happy, a big world could be created either using World Painter or World Machine, both of which are free since it’s a non-profit project. Unsure how big the files would get…

Anyway, that could allow for the look of the “known world” to be drawn out on a plot or in a google drawing, to be later made into an mc world!


I have a good portion of ‘‘the known world’’ mapped out ingame.
Or at least my part of it.



i like this one, it slides on the tongue


Not going to give the world an ‘official’ name since lore based names for worlds can be off putting to new members. ‘Creative World’ will be the name that sticks. You’re more than welcome to call the world whatever you like in your own nation lore however.


So I’m back, finals done with finally. I like the idea, but what’d be the difference with this and Nate’s custom build world (other than it being more open to more people)? or are we just hoping the increased player base will make the whole idea more interesting


Not that different from Nate’s build world, but it being more openly accessible, exactly. So the idea behind that plus what Rp’ers want, but can’t easily achieve in Survival.


I’m really hyped for this and once 1.13 comes around it’s going be even more amazing


Jon, could we theoretically, wait with the CW until 1.13 and then make it with the new features without the whole server needing a reset?


They probably will reset at 1.13. Until then, a beta world.


Played around with World Painter, I think we could do something quite good out of it…


you got that right with the different Rpers calls the world something different, i myself call it midjord


1.13 yes please!