Proposal: Creative World


Beds is not the way to go.

If you would remember, the ‘‘lets use beds’’ idea was the first solution to ‘‘the RP question’’ we had before it turned in to a hot mess, even before it was made in to a discussion topic on the forums. The first thing we did was go ‘‘beds’’, but that wasn’t satisfying enough because people could quite simply spam beds in to anything with a roof. So we (mainly me and holy at the time) came to an agreement that those beds need to be in a proper house, that beds in caves don’t count as its the easy and lazy way out, and that there is a limit per house. At that point, the beds idea was ditched and simply houses became the thing to go by. THEN to encourage people to not just build residential houses for the stats, we said ‘‘other buildings are required per every 3 houses, like a town hall, market, church, etc.’’ and so forth. You see where this is going?

Also, counting ships and multiplying them by whatever is simple, you cant clog them in to small spaces and loose track of which you’ve already went over easily. Beds are on the far end on the other side of that spectrum. Imagine a whole city of beds, several per building. Not fun for anyone to count and loose track of.

Furthermore, having separate beds for both civilian population and the military realistically wouldn’t work out, as you could potentially stuff more beds in to forts and have them be army as you would in to the near by town as peasantry. The civilian population to armed forces ratio would be impossible. I think, that if we are to count population, it should be a count of at least a 100 times X, and have 5% of it = military, as we agreed once upon a time.

IF you guys are so inclined to have specific numbers for both of these things, otherwise i believe the tier system works just fine, if maybe there need to be a few more of them and have them be clear on what is required.


Beds is a loose example. I’d rather go by housing, but in the case where that isn’t appropriate and you’re using lodgings/barracks beds could be used. I do agree with that beds can’t just be stacked. They need to be in a styled and suitable environment. It would be up to staff to determine the supplies and surroundings to support such a population also.


Why do we even bother with stats anymore? Its been tried I dont know how many times over and never works. Im all for letting people say what they want and rping with the reasonable.


its for the Reasonable part its being taken up again and the system thats being suggested for once seems fairly good and might even work out fantafuckingtaskist,




clearly you havent been following up on things, the whole thing with stats ect being taken up again is to call out reason and make claims reasonable. and the “bed” system seems like a really good steady system and can work out really well. with the RP and this wonderfull new creative world.


Just use tiers babe.

Tiers are there to limit people’s claim on how large their population and army are from X to Y, the higher the tier, the larger your number. You can make it up at your discretion but it has to be within the limits of your tier.

We’ve been down the road of houses too. What counts as a house? How big? If i make the house bigger, does it count for more? If i make the house higher class, does that make my population rich, and in turn my country?

I’m all for building both slums and upper class estates, but attaching numbers to anything would just complicate things again. Its that much easier if you just go off and build to your hearts desire, not needing to count anything or worry about any of these specifics, and eventually as you build you ‘‘ding’’, tier up, and you get a new range of stats you can toy around with.

Minimal work for staff as well.


I have been following up on things. I don’t know what “call out reason” means, and I think the bed system is bad, which is why I posted in the first place. It’s terribly nitpicky, finnicky, useless, and easily exploitable. No systemat all would be infinitely superior, because you should rp to an agreed outcome in the first place if you don’t want a shitshow.


Beds/houses aren’t perfect and even they require a lot of staff investigation. Other methods are currently being discussed. Just keeping you guys updated on the thought process.


How about instead of counting individual buildings, you just rank settlements and get your population from that? Like hamlet, village, small town, busy town, city, metropolis…


oh every town can be busy


With this x10 thing, is it applicable to farms etc and to what scale?
For example, if I built a 10x10 farm, would it be considered a hectare (100x100) or 1000 blocks ~32x32.
This seems to be a flaw in the plan, as, if doing it per side, it would be x100 rather than x10, but doing it by area would make each side x3.2 or something


what sort of farm wheat pumking watermelon carrot potato?


Doesn’t matter what the farm makes, what im wondering is which farm he meant. Autofarms or actual fields.


Do autofarms count towards RP resources, or do you need fields?


I just made fields, that I just had to keep planting and harvesting. Nothing auto about them.


Why would you need an auto farm in the Creative world?


In survival, my question was about building based RP in general


The 10x multiplier was only a suggestion. Currently we’re looking into simpler methods.

Nationstate RP in Survival is possible, but I’m standing behind the comment that it will be judged by physical content.


Yes I know, smaller builds, smaller faction. I don’t really want to be a massive power player.