Proposal: Creative World


WARNING: This is just a proposal, one that is still under discussion. There is no guarantee that all, if any, of the following proposals will be implemented.

Project Name: Creative World.

Proposal Intention: Combine the idea of the Build World and Nationstate-based RP. The world will be a location where accepted players will have access to the Creative gamemode. The world will contain multiple biomes and be representative of a single continent, with multiple landmasses.

Participation Requirements: Players will need to apply to participate within the Creative World. Players need to have an interest in either creative building or role-playing, but preferably both. All players within the current RP Group and Build Team will be able to participate.

Technical Details: Location on how players can build without interference is yet to be confirmed, but it could either be due to Grief Prevention, World Guard or Plot Squared plugins that would work seamlessly within the landscape.

Technical Benefits: This world would not need to be reset as frequently as other servers/gamemodes and serves as a brilliant showcase of our community’s creative abilities. So players wouldn’t have to worry about projects being lost. This world would be located on the same server as the Plots World meaning build transfers would be possible by any staff member, not just Admins.

Personal View: If this proposal is to be implemented I would like to see RP started anew within this new setting. Rules regarding tech, diplomacy and limitations are still to be discussed, which is why the proposal is being brought to public. The power and influence of nations will be determined by physical evidence, made possible by the Creative gamemode that allows building at a less restrictive rate.

Final Note: All comments, both positive and negative will be taken into consideration. This topic is a place to put forward any suggestions, questions or concerns.


I LOVE this


Exactly what we needed.


Very nice! WE?


W/E is something we are still discussing at this point. Its part of our technical details discussion.



Would we be able to transfer survival builds? Cause I relish the challenge of doing stuff on survival but I really like this idea.


boi dis nice :smiley:


Short version:

I don’t like it.

Longer version:

There’s a world of difference between building something in creative in a limited and specifically designated space, than building something in survival, wherever you first show up at. It’s also that much better of a feeling when you accomplish a build in survival for your faction, than it would be to spring it up in a fraction of the time in creative. Having a faction in survival also has the effect of player investment follow it, and it takes time, patience, skill, trade and cooperation, where in creative, all you need is time and a little bit of skill. In survival, borders can naturally evolve with factions settling around unknowing where everyone else is, this thrill of settlement and exploration is also removed in this creative world plan. In survival, a faction can be also judged by its wealth, not just width, which means there could be small yet powerful nations, compared to wide and poorer ones. You cant really do that in creative without just making it up.

Also, if we were able to build empires in survival before running out of steam, that creative world better be big to satisfy our cravings to create.

My final points:

  • Roleplay in survival is richer, more engaging, and takes time to develop, whereas in creative, things would and probably will get rushed, and people would get bored relatively quickly in a limited space.

  • I also quite like how non-invested factions are pleasantly left behind while the others grow in survival, as it is right. You wouldn’t want someone think its a cool idea to start a RP faction in this creative world only to mess around for a week or two and then vanish, while still occupying their territory, and leaving most of it unused or unfinished. In survival nobody would care, because its an open world.

  • Most people who play survival and are ‘‘corporate giants’’ sell most of their farmed stuff to roleplayers building factions, so…


I dont see this as a move up for the community, but rather a division. :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t kill me.


With the Creative World taking on Nationstate RP it would mean that the Survival World could continue to run RP, but more on an individual basis.

My main issue with Nationstate RP within Survival was statistics being made up without any physical evidence. With having two locations to RP, one with Survival gamemode and one with Creative gamemode, it allows all builds to judged by physical presence and not assumed presence.

I’ll give you an example of how this could work. On the Creative World there is a penisular with four settlements that make up a small nation we’ll call Keele. This nation has its own lore and history. Then, you have the Survival World, which would be where the character Aragot resides. He is a Keele citizen and looking for a new life within the Survival World. He mayors a thriving village and invests heavily into protecting it.

I don’t see it as a division, but more an expansion to RP as well as a combination with a feature that isn’t really used how it could be (Build World).


I think i like the idea of the creative world being a known ‘‘old world’’ and survival would be a colonial frontier…


That’s how it would work out probably. I hope so…


now this is interesting point, however we all know that we want and need space and alot of it, not just for towns the capital and forts but for farms and nature, if we make them plot wise we would need massive plots. Being able to pick what type of nature you have would be great and with the creative being on everyone is on the same level however we would need to settle down on if we all have our own land mass for to ourself so we wouldnt build into each other. That way we could go full out countries and nations without getting into pitty fights over turf.

anyway im down for this


Or establish your borders before starting your fac


Yeah claiming land, even via Plots, would be something that would happen via application/limitation. That way you wouldn’t have a nation settling down right beside you. Plots, again if used, would actually be better if they were smaller since that way you wouldn’t be bound by a cuboid region and instead could control fluid tiles. Hell, we could turn it into a mini-civilization-esque game almost.

Another idea is allowing all players access to a new plot every month (of activity) to represent expansion.


This is exactly what i meant. Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull.


lets go on the plots idea for a sec here, lets say we use the same plots from the normal plots world, and go by a 5 plots from start, which leaves plenty of space to start with and leaves room for nature hills trees ect ect, then we could simple place a order system in where players then after meaning they have used their plots as they want to order in for a new set of plots which could be 3-4. and then go on like that and we could add in a theme order like two of them have to be 50% water that way to create a harbor


This is my take:

  1. Use the same land claim plugin as in the survival world.

  2. Each player who is accepted into the RP world gets a fixed amount of claim blocks. A generous amount that allows for solo-player factions. The more people in a faction, the more land they can claim. It’s only fair.

  3. Also the map should be a size that puts into consideration the amount of people who’d be playing. So it shouldn’t be massive. It should be just right.

  4. We’d need to agree on good criteria for the application so that it’s inclusive but also has a standard for quality.

  5. World map needs to be well designed. Choose a type of land: inland, island/continent, Mediterranean…etc. Also a specified North and South with appropriate climates would be awesome.

I’ll think of more. Generally I think the simpler the rules, the more enjoyable it will be.


If you added that land could be given to other players based on changing diplomatic conditions, as in one faction gives trade rights in exchange for more land, (this did happen) I honestly couldn’t think of anything else. Unless it’s that the staff looks at your faction/faction idea and decide how much land you would need.


Okay, so I’m up for the creative world idea, however, I disagree with the idea that everyone should get a set amount of claim blocks/player. If someone (Ara e.g.) is up for the task of building a vast empire, they should be able to acquire more after let’s say, a staff inspection, stating that the current lands are not under developed. I also like what Jon said about “tiles” sort of.

We could have something along the lines of Forge of Empires, however with a less complex plot shape presumably.

What I personally think was an obstacle for the RP-community as a whole was that there were no actual borders, nor real vast oceans. Hence, when the Coalition traveled to Kleriel, most of us traveled across half the world to get there, and we all just “took the ocean route” despite there being no ocean which would have let someone travel from the NW corner of the map to the SE corner. So the map in this world needs to be well made to (if possible) take into account:

  • …the feature that biomes change with temperature as one travels north/south.
  • …that if multiple continents exist, to allow seafare to be a thing, there should be a good deal of water between them (possibly enough for a faction to even settle there). If all factions are one a single continent, there should be lots of water around it. Being able to tp in this world would be very useful therefor.
  • …that eventually, to remember who and what is where, a world/continent map could be released on the RoA website. This would also help whenever factions interact.