ProfessorPekka - Aënaen


Name: Aënaen
Race: Elvaën
Age: 152
Title: Crown Professor
Faction: Aën (new faction, I am the only member)
Phyical Characteristics: Blond, Male.
Personality: Entrepreneurial, decisive, calculating
Likes: Building massive structures to live alone in. People who give him free stone and stone bricks.
Dislikes: Gathering materials, flattening ground.


Just saying, it’s kinda difficult to distinguish what is what from everything. May I recommend beginning all the responses with what they are?
For example… (Here’s a bit of my character I’m developing.)
Name: Kuromuun
Title: High empress
Race: Wind elemental


We’ll have a template to follow soon. Once that’s done we’ll get you to redo this. So just hang on a bit <3


Think it’s a bit too early for this…


Pekka’s just too excited for this new RP adventure is all :stuck_out_tongue:


Closing this for now. The Role-Play category won’t officially open until Siil and I have have straightened out the background lore for the server, as a whole. Only then can I start working on publishing documentation, guides, etc.



Opened this back up. There is no template ready just yet, but you can attempt to work on it in the meantime. :slight_smile:



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