Preston Tries: Chocolate Milk and Salt


So I got talked into putting salt into some chocolate milk by @MissDiana. She asked me to of course document it with pictures and such, so why not make a forum post about it.

So let’s start.

So the key ingredients are
-Chocolate Milk (brand of choice)
-Salt (in my case, Morton Salt)
-Milk (I used whole milk although it isn’t pictured
-And a glass

This is the amount of salt I added, and I also added a little more after putting everything in the glass. When putting the salt in I cringed.

Ok mixed and ready to go (peep Discord in the background).

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Tasted like normal chocolate milk. Only salt I actually tasted was the dregs at the bottom of the glass.

And of course, you gotta dab on em.

So yes thanks for experiencing this bad meme courtesy of @MissDiana haha!
Have fun with your new food ideas :stuck_out_tongue:


What a good sport! Now I need to think of another weird, but common food combination for next time. Any suggestions?


lol. that’s not much salt. and you’re going to have to stir to mix it or it’ll stay at the bottom.

morton’s salt is crap, the iodine gives it bad flavor, I recommend sea salt.

nice dab. looking forward to your next assignment. maybe as need a “preston tries…” category.


thin mints (girl scout cookies) and mustard. i’ve done it a few times.