PresPickle Build Team Application


IGN: PresPickle (plot id: 4; 17)
Discord: PresPickle#8238
About You: Hawo :3, Im PresPickle a long-time member of both WoA and RoA, I love to build good looking houses and build sheep farms with ALL the sheep. I only hop on the server for 2-3 hours a day and enjoy chatting with the community. :musical_note:I come from the land dow under :musical_note: and… Im VeGan :carrot:
Preferred Building Style: Colourful medieval
Previous Build Team Experience: None, however I did have the most popular polt on another server at one point.
World Edit Experience: I’ve worked quite a bit with world edit and can do all basic things along with randomising blocks and paint brushes.
What would you like to learn?: How to build trees that wrap around their surroundings and get shaped with the land :evergreen_tree:. Small interiors.
Link to Screenshots:

Thank you for your time! :3


9 outta 7 no 8 again. #WouldAccept. I can help wit trees. Buckle in for the long wait.


dawwwww thank you <3