Plot balance: Building vs. Writing


Did siil just confirm my hypothesis that writing is the predominant way of getting plots, and building is the way to get power points?

Told y’all it made sense. I mean, it is because of roleplay we are doing all of this after all.


But then what’s with the suggestion to make empty plots generate power points? With the absurd amount of plots earned from writing this makes writing a viable way of doing both, to a higher degree than building. (It’s quicker and easier to get a few plots and therefore power points from writing than it is to develop a plot to a significant level).

And, as I’ve said before, power points are completely useless right now. You are trying to suggest that the system works when:
a. The plots are super skewed, Geo and Ario both got 3 times as many each last turn as the world has gotten for building.
b. Power points, which you suggest are what building is for, are completely useless.
c. That notwithstanding, there is also the suggestion to make writing earn those too and that is drawing less criticism than I am here!

Siil has said my suggestion was too high and level 2 plots do not deserve a plot. The numbers I put out would roughly balance it with writing if writing was nerfed a little and) I can’t imagine anyone box-spamming for plots when episode-spamming is easier and more efficient.
But even if that stands, it’s still ridiculous to require a near-perfect hectare to earn a single plot. Everybody is attacking small parts of my argument and ignoring my main point:

Plots are stupidly unbalanced.

Please stop arguing about other, less important things and remember that my point is not about awarding plots based on time or effort or any of it. It is suggesting potential ways this imbalance could be fixed. Thank you.


Why is it skewed that Ara and I wrote more than the rest of you combined? How is that unbalanced? And be rewarded both for spending hours upon hours upon hours working on them? If you build the system around the less active people, then the top tier builders AND writers get screwed over, despite spending the most time on it.

And yes, I do count myself a top tier writer, despite being accused of spam, and doing quite a few episodes with myself. Apparently writing long and complicated battle sequences and power moves is bad, while Kung literally has several quite long episodes which he is doing with himself. Finish and close those, and then see how many plots you get. Those long episodes Ara and I do were started some time ago, and happened to be finished all in the same month.


Dude I’m not saying you and Ara writing and getting plots is unfair. I’m saying people who do a similar amount of working building not getting them is.