Pictorialization Build team Application


IGN: Pictorialization
Discord: Meteorite17#6120
About You: I’m american. Preparing for college, hoping to go in for computer science. I dislike my computer, it’s trash.
Building Style: Most likely nether-themed and preferably with a partner.
Last Build Team Experience: Just a few times, because I don’t really apply to very many servers.
World Edit Experience: Not much, I don’t use W/E very often.
Like to learn?: How to build better. That’s it.
Snapshots: I don’t have any, I don’t fancy my own works.


You’re going to have to put some snapshots in


For us and the Build Leaders to fully learn more about who you are as a builder and as a designer, we will have to see screenshots of what you’ve built. If you currently don’t have any pictures, you can build something new in a plot on the plot realm and we will gladly take a look if you share with us the plot-id, or take screenshots of you’ve made, on said plot.

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you don’t have screenshots that’s fine, i don’t see a need for you to build something on your plot, only to have to do it again for your physical build application. If @Siilvarra agrees, we can get you an application plot on the build server.