Pets Corner


Pets are awesome, and I know people here have lots of wonderful animals.

Here is our Border Collie, Belle.

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I have a goldfish :l


This is Toby, my family’s seven-month old Bernedoodle(Bernese Mountain dog + poodle) puppy. We’ve had him for about three weeks at the time of this post. He’s gotten pretty attached to me (probably because I’m one of the only people who gives him attention).


This is the puppy we’re waiting for as shes only 4 weeks - name undecided yet :slight_smile:
German Shepard x Pyrenean mountain dog
Don’t have any pics of my owls and that


zomg! i’m gonna have to get some good pics of my duders. too many to list but i’ll try and get something better than the boring “old dog asleep on bed with clutter in the background” pics I normally take.


my jackdaw karretje (held by brother, not my shitty BO2 shirt)

and my cat viciously attacking a tennis ball


Our kitty named Miyuki (me-you-key) shes a fan of biting our fingers when we pet her, crawling into my lap when I’m playing MC and complaining loudly when shes hungry. Apparently shes a rare breed called Nebelung that are often mistaken for Russian Blues